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Suggestions for 0 A.D.


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Collateral damge please!

so when you have a heap of archers shoot into a crowd they do damge to units the arrows hit if its not their target.

like when you turn collateral damge on in aom

It makes archers sooo much more effective! and realistc.

allied damage should be optional for offline but online shouldnt be used, unless those settings are made by the host so everyone gets the same settings.

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LETS JUST LEAVE IT AT THAT, why not....it so cool please put it in please please please make it optional please please please

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From what my poor memory can recollect of the design document, archers have 2 modes of fire. One is volley (aka shoot a ton of arrows at a concentrated group and do damage to all or most of them, kinda like the archer model in Rome Total War), and the main one is the standard aim at a target and fire.

Just like with all of our wacky and seemingly innovative ideas, we have to test these out in-game to see how much of an advantage, disadvantage, or nuisance they'll be, so we can't promise everything.

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about the horses standing in deeper water then non horse units. well, thats kinda unfair for civs with bad horse units. imagin my army of horse archer units standing in deep water and killing your nicly formed army and you cant do a thing about it except run, while i mow down your units. :) Not a nice sight for you to see.

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well, thats kinda unfair for civs with bad horse units. imagin my army of horse archer units standing in deep water and killing your nicly formed army and you cant do a thing about it except run, while i mow down your units.

Well it shouldn't be a very big difference, because the men on the horses aren't that much higher than infantry.

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I like the idea of those two modes, the voley mod would make formations more inportant when approching an army.

I was unaware that "collateral damage" was an option in AOM . . . . . . . . . . .

Look at me user.cfg: (yes cheesy this is your one I downloaded ages ago with a few modifcations of my own added to it)

// CheeZy's AOM Extra Features patch v1.0

// by CheeZy Monkey

// http://dgdn.net

// You can steal these and use them in your own stuff however mutch you want since i didn't really discover these ( i did some of them though)

//To change the pitch go to this file and change "limitpitch" to whatever you want. 45 is the default

// this lets you zoom in more (minzoom)




// bellow is an attempt to remove Height limits in the editor. I haven't tested to see if it works




// Remove the comment lines (//) and change the vallues to whatever(default=200x200). This is a workaround for the minimum mapsize of 200x200 and max of 500x500 (so now you can make bigger maps)

// Default size of the world in meters



//debug random maps











waterAllowPaintDelta //debug:epsilon that allows water to be painted on variable terrain heights (unfortunantly doesnt seem to work)





alignResources //aligns resource placement in the editor

waterTest //HACK:turn on water test hack


ballisticCollateralIDamage //allows projectiles to damage units other than their intended target. (this turns colateral damge on, there is another one which turns on friendly fire as well)



(also I cant get them to work so if anyone can tell me why, let me know. I got bored of that one atlantean scene)

attractMode-scenario-0 ~AoM_pgs_Water

attractMode-scenario-1 ~UI_Norse









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We'll obviously be trying to avoid that. From the way we do our attatchment points (we call them prop points, and we call attatchments "props"), I don't think we'll get anything weird like that, though we have yet to find out.

the heka gigantes, you're right, that was a kick-@#$% attack the way it moved the terrain :)

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Since 0 A.D. is a historically based real time strategy game, I guess you won't be seing anything like magicians in it - since there is no proven evidence of any magician, wizard or witch and their abilities. We try to keep quite near to real history, as long as gameplay doesn't require otherwise.

For fantasy stuff, you'll likely have to wait for TLA :)

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