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Suggestions for 0 A.D.


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I don't want to much micro-management in this game. I just want something like "defensive", "agressive", "passive" and "hold ground". And to not worry about ressource, I think fields and resource locations couldn't die (like in Rise of Nations) so we won' have to search another ressource location and we will focus on military and combat :P

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Hold up, I am definitely WCIII stuff.

WCIII's all about finding gold mines. They even tell you where they are on the minimap!!

WCIII is the most micro-intensive game ever. If you're facing against a weak enough opponent you can win by simply microing your hero effectively.

2v1 Blademaster Harass comes to mind...

Cheap, effective, plans like that have to not work. And there can't be an emphasis on build orders. The thing with WCIII is that knowledge of your opponent's army is more important than a fixed build order, because most units are really effective counters to certain other units.

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