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Did you know of the Oseberg ship? °Asa the great queen is said to have been buried with this ship.


I landed there via:

Ragnar Lodbrok -> Sigurd Snake in the Eye -> Aslaug -> Sigurd Hart -> Ragnhild & Guttorn (both children)

Those siblings were captured by the berserker Haki until Halfdan The Black (unvoluntary son of the aforementioned famous °Asa H°akonsdotter, which freed herself from captiveness and ruled for 20 years).

Halfdan + Ragnhild were the parents of Harald Fairhair (remembered as the First King of Norway).

The unification of Norway is something of a love story. It begins with a marriage proposal that resulted in rejection and scorn from Gyda, the daughter of Eirik, king of Hordaland. She said she refused to marry Harald "before he was king over all of Norway". Harald was therefore induced to take a vow not to cut nor comb his hair until he was sole king of Norway, and when he was justified in trimming it ten years later, he exchanged the epithet "Shockhead" or "Tanglehair" for the one by which he is usually known.
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Hello, I'm so happy to see a Viking Civ in the works! Has anybody here been following the History Channel's "Vikings"? I do believe you will find a lot of inspiration from it! http://www.history.com/shows/vikings


Indeed, it's a good TV series but it scores average in historical accuracy.



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The equipment isn't great really. I'd have to pay more attention to it to tell you exactly what's wrong with it, but it's gotten to the point where I ignore any hope of having a historically accurate item in a movie or TV show.

i know I was study media, I know about artistic freedom with costumes, hair cut style, and with the facts.

The facts can follow a storyline based in a drama, without drama no nobodies see the show.

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Agreed. Though I at least trusted HistoryChannel the most, but maybe that's an illusion. It's difficult to say if there is any series out there which can be completely trusted. At last not even the historians share the same opinion. (Thus it might be difficult to be 100% accurate within the time-frame. Or it's all just intentionally to outweigh other documentaries which might have been favouring other theories. Difficult to tell.)

if i remember quickly the oseburg was just used as a burial ship(pretty much carnation)

Oh. At least it reminds me very strongly of certain other stories which were written down in the last century by masters I have never seen and whose stories I hope will never be lost in any fire (as happened to many ancient writers :( whose tellings I would love to read).

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I really like your sketches, Le Druide Gaulois! :thumbsup:

But unfortunately, the Vikings won't have a Civic Center :(

Thanks, niektb! I'm already very satisfied there will be a viking civ in the game, so no problem :) .It's predictable they'd have less buildings than most civilizations. By the way, will the longhouse aslo work as a farmstead? It was common for the Vikings to keep their animals inside their homes.

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Stanislas69, that would be an honor! Just a question, will this viking faction be christian or pagan? Cuz if they're pagan they'd have a simply rock circle as a temple, right?

Or a Yew tree stone circles are more neolithic ie: about 1000 BC

Enjoy the Choice :)

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