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I agree that you can't be entirely historically accurate in a TV show/movie, but there are a lot of things they could easily do to make it more accurate, and neglect doing so.

E.g. all the crappy Roman costumes in the History Channel's Roman programs

You are genious! Not only your sketches which we could indeed just use as they are as the corrals. No, you also sparked an important idea:

Why not, additionally to time- and civlisation-tagging of art assets, also assign it a global area (position in longitude and latitude and a radius) for making known to the engine where it occurred.

This way we could use both your buildings. If we had a chance to use e.g. land / sea / desert / ... / coastline as location-tag too, then we could make the ship appear if built at the coast, while your Swedish variant appears in the Southern viking's areas and the other one in the Northern area.

(To allow this to be applicable on every map we could also either merely specify direction, e.g. North/East/South/West. Or we could use geographic characteristics like 'desert', 'marshland', 'coastal', 'mainland', 'river', .. )

The choice of religion looks like a tech or even a phase-up-tech to me. (or depending on the hero/leader you choose to sail under/recruit.)

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Although I think the wooden pier could use some additional length, is it exactly what I'm looking for! It does perfectly match the style of the longhouse and I really like it (and don't mind the perspective mistakes as long as the 3D modeler doesn't make them too :P)

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I wanted to discuss the needed buildings for the Vikings.

At start the player begins with a longhouse rather than a CC, this building is able to train the basic viking swordsmen and female citizens. Also it functions as a dropsite for food and wood only. The Civic Center comes available during the second phase and is merged with the Fortress which building is called "Jarl's Hold". The Vikings have no stone walls and no stone defense tower, but stronger reinforced pallisades and a stronger outpost.

I want to discuss the need for a barrack and a farmstead. Do we need them?

I would think we can't do without farms.. (Sel)

i coppied from my previous post:

Sel (farm/shed): A small shed/farmhouse this could replace the farmstead with maybe as "technology" making skyr and/or inventing partially buried vats (like fridges!) to store products such as skyr.

Also meat and fish were preserved by smoking. While some excavated Viking-age farms appear to have had dedicated smokehouses. This could be an upgrade.

"In the summer months, livestock was driven to pastures at higher elevations, called sel (shieling). During this time, from mid-June through mid-October, most of the livestock were left to forage freely, while milk cows and ewes were kept close so they could be milked every day.

The raw milk from the animals was collected and processed in a shed on site, where the farm family, or their hired hands, lived during the summer while they tended the livestock."

from Icelanders in the Viking Age: The People of the Sagas Door William R. Short

corral : Vikings build smaller versions of the longhouse as a shelter for there cows, so corrals should produce cows and look a bit like longhouses. (Are there even cows in 0AD? Eh, not black and white ones ;-) )

tún (Hay the home field near the farm) : because Cows need lots of hay, maybe making a hay field (like the crops groing fields) would be nice.


"Over two tonnes (2 tons) of hay was needed for each cow to last the Icelandic winter. A large farm in Viking age Iceland had around 20 to 40 milk cows, so harvesting and storing sufficient hay to last the winter was an arduous but important task. Studies of several Viking era farms in north Iceland suggest that farms could produce between 0.5 and 0.9 tonnes of hay per hectare (0.22 - 0.44 tons/acre) in good years. These figures imply that large farms required 20 to 80 hectares (50 to 200 acres) of land set aside for hay cultivation to keep their livestock over the winter."

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"Typical farm settlements took the form of a central cluster of buildings enclosed by fences. Outside the fenced areas were the fields used for cultivation or grazing. Each homestead typically consisted of a longhouse and multiple out-buildings."


And those out-buildings look rather like a corral:



this picture is also an half burried farmstead, like i found in my research, see my previous post.

They are called "Sel".

Basicly they build a small version of the longhouse to use as short time house and as stables.

So it would be the logical replacement for the farmstead.

(maybe with a townbell fuction for the animals?)

Since cows where there most valued farm animals we should have a corral that produces cows i think.

Also those walls seem important too the Vikings, they where shoulder high and there was law too keep them in place.

We might want to research walls to somehow incorperate them.

Maybe as walls surrounding the cows while there grazing, and the suggested hayfields?

hope it helps

PS if you need any pics/info i can still ask my Danish friend to do some research.

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On a side note, i was wondering if one of you could sepperate the vikings out from the rest of the mod, i would like to build a mythology mod starting with the vikings.

i know i am no longer CoM but i would like to still work with you guys

Sure, no problem.

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