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The Big Eyecandy Progress List

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I recently read the eyecandy topic again and decided it might be a good idea to make a big list of all the eyecandy that is in the game, will be in the game and should be in the game.

Color code:
Not in the game
Not animated/unfinished (but no one is working on it anymore)
Someone is working on it
Finished and in the game!

If you are working on an eyecandy model at the moment, post in this topic and I'll add it to the list/change the color (and add your name). Also give me a link to the topic.

Don't spam this topic with suggestions, take a look to see if it hasn't been suggested before.

I'll update this list regularly.


African Tribes (link, hut variations, farmers and hunters)

Polynesian (link with download)

Pirates (ships, soldiers ; Illyrians, Tyrrhenians, Greek, Romans and Phoenicians, art can probably be reused)


Charred Trees (link)
Hedges (like fences: short, medium, long, corner and maybe even 'arch' as a gate)
Logs (needs more varieties)
Tree stumps

Waterfalls (enrique, link)
Cave entrance

Nomad tents (are in svn, link)
Roman Triumphal Arch
Stone Bridge
Stone Fence
Wooden Bridge
Aquaducts (LordGood, link)

Roman Sawmill (Stanislas)
Ziggurat (link)
Columns (LordGood, link)
Roman Arch (needs updating?)
Trajan's Column (link)
Dock Extensions


Broken bridge (broken hangbridge is in-game, Roman bridge being made by Idanwin link, download)
Greek Temple
Mine entrance (think dwarves, link)

Elven Ship
Roman Centurion (has aura that increases the effects of formation bonusses)
Onager (Pureon,

Cicilian Pirate
Dorkim Garamantim (Garamantine Infantry)
Dugunthiz (example)
Gaesofluxo Fijot (example)
Gladiators (b,a,e and weapon variations, Stanislas)
High Priests: Dastur (Zoroastrian - Indo-Iranian - high priest), Archiereus (Greek high priest), Kohen Gadol (Israelite high priest)
Kings (for each civ - regicide game mode)
Makkabaioi Zelotai (example)
Mercenary Cavalry (Camel)
Pirate Ships (Illyrians, Tyrrhenians, Greek, Romans and Phoenicians where known to have resorted to piracy)
Shield Bearer
Siege Wall (movable wall to protect infantry from arrows, basically a unit with a lot of armor and no attack)
Spy (unit that can move undetectably into an enemy base)
Watchmen (link about Roman and Greek watchmen)

Aphrodite (huge & small)
Hermae (one: link)

Skeletons (I believe there's already two variations)
Body Parts
Crucifix & Crucified people (no one is modeling, some information has been posted: link)
Hanging men
Impaled head

Piles (wood, stone)
Snowman (they probably already made snowmen around AD ?)
Archery target (LordGood, link)
Butcher racks (Bloc, link)
Cages (Idanwin, link)
Gate lever (LordGood, link)
Pillar of stones (link)
Weapon racks (Idanwin, link)
Gravestones (there's already one)
Well (needs water planes)
Armor racks
Fisher racks
Sign posts / Milestones (link)

Timetravel, Tourism and Myths:
Mustang plane
Lamppost (à la Narnia) (Idanwin, link)
Mirror Tower (LordGood, link)
Moai (link)
Dragon (needs to be animated)
General Lee (example link)
Trojan Horse
Walls of Troy
UFO (Crashed)
Unicorn Cavalry
Zombies Edited by idanwin
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Thank you Lion, I've updated my post, but I've got some questions:

Plaza floor: should be in textures I believe

Pirate ships: pirate factions are seperate factions, not eyecandy ... well ... they are eyecandy too

Please explain the following:

Gate lever prop: do you mean like for when triggers are in the game so you can open gates by walking somewhere?

Onager: these are siege weapons, but I wonder when they were invented, could you tell me?

Eastern Merchant & Eastern Merchant tent: don't these belong in a editor-only civ?

P.S. impaled head = head on a stick, was already on the list ;-)

Edited by idanwin
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Troy really existed, but the walls of troy would be mythical, right?

Anyway, I think 'eyecandy' should be everything (civ specific or not) that cannot be build in a normal game.

So I added the aquaduct.

I added Walls of Troy as well, even though I can imagine the trojans becoming an actual mini-civ some day.

I also added Lion.Kanzen's proposal: the Dorkim Garamantim. I've also added pirate ships.

@LordGood, the ziggurat(s) would not be buildable in game, right? Will you be working on them? (btw. they look really nice)

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The siege of Troy took place somewhere between 1200-1100 BC, at least 500 years before the first catapults. Seeing they stood higher than Greece's walls, the Greeks started talking about its height. From mouth to mouth, the stories suffer some 'interferences', as we all know, and even more when the mouths are owned by such superstitious people as the Ancient Greeks...

Edited by Pedro Falcão
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now we need to know if team wants put them in the atlas, and obvius put textures and optimized

You make it sound like they are almost ready to use :) Rebuilding the models in Max/Blender, adding detail, UV mapping, texturing, ambient occlusion, setting up the actors - unfortunately the most difficult, boring, and time-consuming work still needs to be done.

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You make it sound like they are almost ready to use :) Rebuilding the models in Max/Blender, adding detail, UV mapping, texturing, ambient occlusion, setting up the actors - unfortunately the most difficult, boring, and time-consuming work still needs to be done.

yes i know are ot ready to use, what is UV mapping?
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