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On 22/08/2020 at 7:37 AM, Alexandermb said:

Depending on how its seen, if it has auto refresh after a time it may be considered Cooldown.

If we have an ammunation carriage like Risk of nation with an aura refilling infantry ammunation could reduce micromanage to only a single unit positioning and opening the field to "supply" attack strategy.

if weapon switching is implemented with automatic switching when ammo is 0 or too much close to use ranged weapons wouldn't be micro.

and finally with batallions i don't see any problem since archers will have to fully retreat with a single click to replenish instead of selecting a whole group of single infantry. Just like you mentioned.

For one side the micro management of ammo would make players twink twice on attacking whitout supplies and relying more on melee infantry/cavalry. and less to massification of proyectil before melee hits.

It has his pros and cons. Wouldn't really know until the feature is fully implemented with every option mentioned above is up to the plan.

this unit would be like the healer but would replenish ammunition instead of hp.

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