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I think some folks are putting too much stock into the religious motivations of pagans of this time. Sure, some believed that glorious death in battle guaranteed a better afterlife, but I don't think

How about an aura for some units, like champion cavalry and elephants, that slightly reduces the attack damage or attack rate of nearby enemy units, representing their intimitation? A tech version of

Take a look here and you'll see I've committed a couple of special techs and civ bonuses: http://trac.wildfire...changeset/12748 Basically, many of the civ bonuses can be done with technologies. And t

Is it possible to change the Specific or Generic Name of a unit as a side effects of a technology? Or maybe the Visual Actor...I think in some cases this could be useful.

That is one of my requested tech effects, so we'll see if they get enabled. They may not be on the current list though.

EDIT: VisualActor is on the list, but generic and specific names are not. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/TechModifications

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Well I think the techmodifications should affect all the values of the templates, so it will be possible to create a good variation and affect the different characteristics of units and buildings. Think about it.

Of course. :) That list isn't absolutely comprehensive, it's just a guide. We'll add more desired effects as we think of them. :)
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Ok, very good work people !

A friend found an incredible program do to tech trees called "blockdiag" (http://blockdiag.com/en/index.html) which is pretty easy to learn and who gives beautiful organigrams.

So i'm still earning the basis of the syntax, but this week i should have done a first tech tree.

And after it'll be easy to be improved i think.

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I'll see that. I have some problems with that but i think i would handle that in a few times with trainig :D

Currently i'm able to do this : http://image.noelsha...0533544-0ad.png

I have to perfect that :)

Edit :After a discussion with Pureon, i think HTML-CSS is easir to use than blockdiag.It's easier to use, generate, and flexible. Plus, blockdiag doesn't allow to have centered organigrams, so it's no very beautiful.

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Now we have new tech and new buildings, can we suggest name by sor technologies for example Agema technology name are twice.

And farm are limited at 5 workers, but how that can work in tiny island map. Archipelago

And what new technologies we can upgrade for weapons, special body armor that have many kind, linotorax, bronze, Iron, leather. Etc.

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I suggest 3 levels of technological research for each resource in the game, in this case 4 resources and three levels each, and there are stone and metal, but not food and wood, and food must be 3 or 2 per collection type, one for hunting, one for fishing, one for farming and one for collecting fruit bushes.

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Some extra "special technology" ideas. These are in addition to the "standard" techs that will be available to all civs.

Athenian Gymnasion/Spartan Syssition/Macedonian Fortress

  • 1a: "Hoplitodromos" (aka Hoplite Racing, this was a real thing) - Faster Running and Charging for Champions..
  • 1b: "Olympic Wrestling" - Greater Health for Champions.

Athenian Docks

  • 1a: "Arsenal of Philon" - Athenian warships repair themselves when within range of a Dock.
  • 1b: "Zea Ship Sheds" - Faster build time for warships.

Athenian Temple

  • "Phidean Workshop" - Faster build time for temples and The Parthenon wonder, but also higher cost.

All Hellenic and Successor Barracks

  • "Pankration" (Greek Martial Arts) - Stronger Attack for Melee Infantry, but slower train time.

Persian & Mauryan Barracks

  • "Archery Tradition" - Faster Rate of Fire and longer range for Bow-using Units.

Persian and Mauryan Blacksmith

  • 1a: "Composite Bows" - Longer Range for Bow-using Units, but slightly more expensive.
  • 1b: "Flaming Arrows" - Stronger Attack vs. Buildings and Ships for Bow-using Units, but slower Rate of Fire.

Mauryan Blacksmith

  • 1a: "Steel Arrows" - Stronger Attack for Archers vs. Elephants and Cavalry.
  • 1b: "Poison Arrows" - Stronger Attack for Archers vs. All Infantry (not just Swordsmen).

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I was also thinking of overlapping Special Buildings and Special Techs(or special bonus) for the Hellenic civs (Athenians, Spartans, Macedonians) and the Successor civs (Macedonians, Ptolemies, Seleucids). Macedonia is the link between the two, so gets both sets of special buildings and special bonus.

So, Hellenics (Athenians, Spartans, Macedonians):


  • Special Bonus: Oikoumene ("Known world") - Building a Theatron increases territory effects for all buildings by 20%. Effect is removed if the Theatron is destroyed.
  • Special Techs: The Theatron also comes with some special technologies for all Hellenic civs (Plays of Sophocles, Tragedies of Aeschylus) that affect culture.

Successors (Macedonians, Ptolemies, Seleucids):


  • Special Bonus: Hellenization - Soldiers are better at capturing enemy units and buildings.
  • Special Techs: Hellenistic Metropolis - Double Civic Center health and number of arrows. And perhaps some other techs regarding "learning", that reduce research time and other things.

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Some ideas

1.General gameplay

Bach Training. Avaliable only researching a technology that allows that, in second phase, or could be a autoresearched with the upgrade to the next phase.

This way the first phase, would be more slow paced.

About the tech that allow making women in houses. Allow to make women one by one but not in batches.

Why this changes? In Aoe you have mainly 1 building that was important in order to train the economic unit, and you have to focus the decisions in early game (train more villagers, research tech or age up). With citizien soldiers and bach-training, you can spawn faster in a lot of buildings. I think that this way i a good mix between the two gameplays. (sorry for the bad english, it isn't easy for me explain this complex idea reagarding the metagame, but think about the gameplay that will bring this changes)

- In first phase, units trained one by one. small raides.

- In second phase, your economy and population increase faster cause you can make units more cheaper and faster by batch-training and building new civic centers. Raides become real warfare

- In third phase, you can expand your economy further making new women in houses.

I know that is the general idea of 0 ad and that i'm not giving too new elements, but considerer this

2. Technologies (paired)

Outpost techs

1A Permament guards. Outpost give 100% (for example, i mean a big boost) L.O.S.

1B Frontier life. Gives to the outposts attack capacity (only on the player territory)

Both are first phase techs.

2A Vigilance system. Outpost don't decay in neutral territory. (Second phase)

2B Militia laws. Allows outposts and houses to train light infantry (skirmishers) one by one (third phase)

The two techs are dependent, so if you want research 2A you have to research 1A , you can't choose 1B and 2a.

Techs regarding farms

1A State owning/communal lands. Double the capacity of the fields. Regarding decreasing returns, two workers count as one, so having 10 workers in a field is efficient like having 2 farms of 5.

2B Landowners. Workers generate also a trickle of gold (metal). Like 20% (f.e)

3. General technologies

Like somebody said before, every resource should had 3 techs. By another way independent paired techs could encourage some nice bonus. The last tech of a line could be special for every civ, depending upon if the civ is weak, average or strong on the resource. for example, an Iberic tech line of food:

Phase one

1 Farm tech 1

1A Masters of hunting. 20% Bonus to hunting

1B Ancient knowledge of berries. Berries last 50% more

Phase two

2 farm tech 2

2A Communal lands

2B Landowners

Phase three

3 Special iberian farm tech. the regular tech give for example 30%. Iberians are strong on farming so they get 50% instead. a weak civ could get 20% instead...



Also give to the blacksmith, give regular lines like aoe. Melee weapons, Ranged weapons, Horse armor, Heavy infantry armor nad light infantry armor.

I think that paired techs had to give very special bonus or gameplay features to help player building one strategy (Boom, Turtle, Rush, Raiding..)

4 Training techs

Finally soldiers trained in barracks should be able to be trained. How? I have some ideas

- A tech that all soldiers trained in barracks get the second rank, and later the third. Maybe give some req. to research the tech, like get 50 elite soldiers...

- A tech that allows to the barracks to garrison soldiers that increase the experience over time


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Michael in Total War Rome 2 are good ideas for technology because they use town phase for the evolution of a colony civic and military.

In military have 3 principals points. Tactics, Siege and equip.

I'll put some screenshots to conceptual design see the similitude. With our game, but I don't know if you can put this for current tech or for Campaing mode.

The have evolves for example in farming have evolves for wine for grain.

Cavalry have a tech named veterinary. Add support to health of Cavalry units.

Have many civic technologies that are perfect for civic centre.

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Thank you thst is one of 4 or 5tech tree. One for Civil, commerce , military culturally. Thanks I'm too busy working in my finals test.

I like the names for thst and adapt the icons to Pureons art or something. Thst the best of that game, more clearly than Rome I where the tech and building are the same thing.


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