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I think some folks are putting too much stock into the religious motivations of pagans of this time. Sure, some believed that glorious death in battle guaranteed a better afterlife, but I don't think

How about an aura for some units, like champion cavalry and elephants, that slightly reduces the attack damage or attack rate of nearby enemy units, representing their intimitation? A tech version of

Take a look here and you'll see I've committed a couple of special techs and civ bonuses: http://trac.wildfire...changeset/12748 Basically, many of the civ bonuses can be done with technologies. And t

Informative techs (nothing strongly recommended, just ideas):

- Basic information gathering: Activate minimap (before it could just be black)

- Nightwatch: Increase vision range of buildings (maybe multi level tech with increasing price)

- Scouts: The map is explored (not revealed, no buildings/units/borders are updated just the terrain)

- Alliances: Gain ally shared vision (Only for the side that researched it, like in the previous post)

- Cartographers: CCs, Army camps and territory borders are updated as the player had vision on them (may be a multiple time use tech and has to be payed again to refresh the information)

- Spies: Gain enemy vision (cost should depend on total number of enemy units)

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Some suggestions for Roman Tech names in the next release:

Plywood Shield Construction -> Clipeus (Ovoid Shield)

Reinforced Shield Construction -> Scutum (Legionary Shield)

Irregular Infantry Skirmishers -> Velites

Iron Spearheads -> Contus (Infantry Spear)

Roman Logistics -> Logistica (Logistics)

Civic Virtue (The +2 Citizen soldier Attack) -> Virtuitas

Battlefield Medicine -> Medicus (Doctor)

Spolas -> Subarmalis (Underarmor)

Lorica Ferrarea - We commonly call this Lorica Segmentata in the Re-Enactment community, but nobody knows what it was really called other than just "Lorica." Furthermore, the Lorica Segmentata dates to 9 AD at the earliest.

A few suggestions for Greeks:

Spolas and Linothorax need to be switched as the Spolas was the Leather Armor most people think is a Lino Thorax, and the Linothorax was quilted linen, not glued. In fact they think they found a piece of one and it was quilted linen.

Spolas is singular, and Spolates is plural by the way.

Looking through the rest of the game, will update this list soon.

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Lorica Ferrarea - We commonly call this Lorica Segmentata in the Re-Enactment community, but nobody knows what it was really called other than just "Lorica." Furthermore, the Lorica Segmentata dates to 9 AD at the earliest.

The "Lorica Segmentata" portrait is simply meant to represent iron armor of any type (for now).

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I would like to know where it's possible to edit tech trees in 0 AD. Perhaps I don't want some units to be in a certain building for example, perhaps I want some civs to have this building, but take out another kind of building. If possible, I would also like to manipulate technologies.


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Techs are powerful in 0AD:

- Each entity template (unit, building, ...) can depend on as many techs as you desire (have a look into simulation/templates/).

- Each tech can itself depend on other techs (techs are found in simulation/data/technologies/).

- Each tech can be auto-researched depending on almost anything (we still miss to have time-tagged triggered techs but some day we'll have those too and with those flow of time is possible, while the engine picks textures for each unit depending on zenith timetag and first and last occurrence).

If a building can train a certain unit type or not, is defined in the building's simulation template (simulation/templates/structures/) in the ProductionQueue tag.

If a building can be built by a unit is defined in the unit's Builder tag. Structures also may be able to build other structures, think of an unpackable ship that transforms into a off-shore construction tower that constructs an oil platform.

We will make use of all this (+ generalized promotion functionality to upgrade buildings on technology research/upgrade button*) to achieve flow of time in 0AD Extended.

* as discussed with Ykkrosh, leper and Sander, mutable templates are out of the question but replacing templates like what happens when a unit is promoted is the solution.

Currently only exchanging the visual appearence (actor) on tech research is possible which is nice, but troublesome as you not only want your buildings to look different when a new epoch is reached (fluent process, not hard-coded), but you also want it to have different skills. (e.g. harbour turrets to defend against bomber attacks in modern epoch).

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a thing...

  • the mostly of economic technologies  for example to add wood rate speed, if is wood to page it you need Food and Metal if is Food you need wood and/or Metal if is Metal you need food or/and wood

that is how AoE series works.

  • the other point is using bonus or Civilization bonus. mostly of Bonus in AoE is like a technology that are unlocked or reseached by defalut


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