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  1. But does it work with alpha channel, or with a simple normal map texture? I used a simple png texture without alpha channel, only a normal map.
  2. Hi guys! I'd like to ask a question about textures in actors. Well I tried to test a texture with a normal map, but I can't do it cause I get an error when i watch the unit in the actor viewer (seems like it can't convert the texture). I made a quite long research in your forums and pages but I didn't find a solution, so I'm asking. I saw something about materials. I tried setting the material as "player_trans_spec" but it doesn't work. The texture is a simple .png file. Could someone help me with this?
  3. I'm checking them in 10 mins, maybe I missed a couple...
  4. I wanted to try taking one of your human mesh and modify it a little. I added some vertices to its geometry, but I got this issue. Anyone knows why is this happening? Maybe I missed something? Thanks!
  5. Ok thank you all guys I'll try using SVN on a test folder and see what i get. I think it's the fastest way to do that.
  6. Thanks for answering. Well I added some models, textures and anims. I created some new folders to divide my files from the original ones. I added some templates and actors, and i modified a couple of existing templates, but nothing hard to do again. I modified a couple of textures too but I can make a backup and replace them in 2 mins. So if I use SVN could I only update without losing the work I did? And in this case from where I should update using SVN?
  7. First of all, happy new year to everyone! Ok, I'm working on a project based on 0 A.D. and now I'm on the Alpha 11. I noticed that a new Alpha 12 is out, so I was wondering something: can I update the version with all the new features, keeping the work I'm doing? For now my work is all about modeling, texturing and animating, not programming at all. So is it possible? Or do I have to download the new version and replace a backup of all my new files? Thanks.
  8. Sì Ribez è una specie di corso affine allo IED I have time until summer 2014 (so I hope the world won't end this month...) and yes, it seems to be a hard work for one person only but I want to see what happens. I started and I'm looking for a good way to make the work good but also fast, finding an optimal standard. Thank you all for your support and for the luck I will let you know something as soon as I have some results done!
  9. Hi guys! I am an italian student of art and design. Now I have to choose a long term project for my school so I decided to create a game based on your engine, cause I think it's so darn good, and I always loved RTS games My project should be about changing the models and the graphic section of 0A.D. (models, textures, animations and stuff) replacing it with the one I'm going to create. My idea is to make a medieval version (in AoE2 style, cause I like that period of our history) and maybe then modify something in the substance to make it more personal, and make it fit with my ideas. I told my teacher about your game, your kindness and helpfulness also, so he said "ok let's see what you got!". Why am I telling you this? Well, first, cause I want to thank you for your work on that great project and for making it available as an open source. Second, cause I will need your help, and I hope I won't bother you with questions about my external project, but I will be really glad to get your help. It's the hardest project in my class, so I hope I can do it! Bye people, and thanks again!
  10. Well, in this list http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/TechModifications at the last row it seems the visual actor modifier is planned, and with that available it's possible to change the visual actor of the building from one to another. Or anyway, is there a way to "promote" a building? And would it be possible to promote it with a techology, like city phases? If so, these could be two good solution I think.
  11. Thanks Wijitmaker, I'm trying something with those files and they are very useful for my needs I hope someone will rig the new horse model cause it's really well made. Hi fiv, Well I already use opencollada for importing and exporting, and my problem was with other types of file like .psa. At first I had problems to make the importer work. I know that the topic title is about that and I found what you said after a lot of tries and then I got it But anyway thanks for answering!
  12. Oh yes I've seen the new model and I think it's really well made, and I'd be happy to help you but I really can't work with bones and stuff, and that's why I asked for a complete model+skeleton Anyway I will try and wait, and thanks to you all for answering.
  13. I'm sorry Wijitmaker but I can't see that link, it says that BROWSER_VIEW permisson are required to execute the operation (or something like that, it says it in my language). What does it mean? Thanks.
  14. Well I wanted to modify the horse animations but horse anims are all in .psa, if it's possible. So .psa files are something like .dae file converted by the engine? Just to understand. Edit: ok well, I didn't want to bother you but, if it's possible, could someone send me the model+skeleton of the horse in .max or .dae format please?
  15. Hi guys I have another import/export problem, it seems to be my speciality...How can I import .psa files in 3d Studio Max 2012? I tried the pmdexp but it doesnt seem to work. I also tried it on Max 9 and 10. What program do you use, for example, for animations? I didnt open a new topic cause it's a similiar problem as the one i already asked. Thanks a lot.
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