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  1. i think town bell should make villagers to garrison into the nearest building such as civ centre, fortress, tower instead of just civ centre very much like AOE2. It made protecting villagers easy and getting them back to work much quicker.
  2. well siege units dont need to be that different but catapults look like ballista. Could take the idea from rome total war on the design since they too follow history. Ballistas werent simple giant crossbows, they had some sophistication in the design to help with the use of it. rome total war ballista rome total war catapult (called onager by them) While searching i found the current catapult model only fits the egyptions. I also noticed that siege weapons like catapults take very little damage from melee units as they should be easy to destroy from melee units except for battering rams. I als
  3. instead of different textures i think i agree with more props. Or maybe props could change with a city phase. Usually as a city grows it gets more money so it can have nicer props and also to show more activity. Otherwise it will be difficult to know what phase a particular player is when looking at his outpost. I think it would be better to have roads around major buildings or for buildings that have multiple buildings such as the civilisation centre. Does adding effects like smoke from chimney take extra effort in development? I thought graphical effects like smoke are generated without extr
  4. Interesting fact different civilisations having the same ships. But i dont think they're only limited to those few ship types. Perhaps limitting the warships transport capacity and having a dedicated transport ship if the civilisations did have any and limitting warships to only being able to carry foot soldiers and not cavalry or siege equipment would seem real. wouldnt it be better if ships attacked the same way as the seige tower? Is having to face the attacker necessary for the unit in order to attack as made for the game engine? I still cant figure out how the ships work entirely. I notic
  5. Hi i think 0.a.d lacks some historical accuracy with ships. When archers are garrisoned they would fire from the ships. I think this can be implemented similar to how siege towers work in the game since garrisoned units do not follow your orders on who to fire on and can fire from any angle. It is pretty cool seeing a siege tower of 20 archers fire in a 360 degree radius in the enemy city There seem to be no variances between ships from different races.
  6. AOE3 physics system was optional and a graphical feature. So while the buildings and ships can fall apart into different pieces, It was only graphical although some building animations were affected too such as windmills. If you have played it, if the sail of a ship fell off the ship would not slow in speed. It was only a graphical feature.
  7. Hi, there seems to be no collision between siege units when they move when selecting multiple siege units/in the same group. I would like to suggest adding an upgrade for fire ammunition for siege and fire arrows for some archers or races. When moving siege units they sometimes get stuck among each other as they consider each other an obstacle when not moving in the same group.
  8. Hi, there seems to be a lack of models for siege and accurate models. There are many different races but they all share the same siege models. The catapult looks more like the roman ballista while the ballista looks like a large crossbow.
  9. Tried the update, much faster and with new things. I would also like to suggest being able upgrade a longer section of a wall into a gate. And please make it possible to snap buildings. It makes it neater when building a city with stone walls. The new update makes walls easier to build. Being able to snap wall towers to obstacles would be great to make sure that the wall becomes an obstacle without having to build walls all over the place. Would also like to suggest wall upgrades as well for stronger walls and able to turn a stone wall tower into a ballista tower(while losing ability to garris
  10. Hi i dont know if this is the right forum but i would like to make an art suggestion. I think it would be great if when progressing from one phase to another it changes the building model from one to another more sophisticated looking building. I hope this is a planned feature. If possible it would also be great to add effects like smoke coming out building chimneys as an optional graphics feature
  11. how hard can it be to have the AI engine running on a seperate thread? i know js doesnt provide the capability natively and having the game engine running independently of the AI. It may mean a fast game but slow AI response. Although i'd really like to help with development i currently have my hands full for the next few months.
  12. How about giving each AI a seperate thread. That would be easier to implement than do make the entire game multi threaded first, so each AI would have their own thread and wont slow down the game than. Wouldnt it be faster to use AI profiling like for chessmaster instead of relying on pathfinding? I also find that the AI doesnt stop to attack my defences and proceed to the town centre which makes the game too easy.
  13. use a language other than js for AI. Even testbot lags my system which is a core2duo about 2.4Ghz. One of the AI kept giving javascript errors though. I learnt that java isnt the best to use for modelling or programming AI.It would also be good to be able to change the location of the statusbar and menubar below since on widescreen it can get annoying. It would be better if you could let the user choose the position of the bars whether at the side of the screen or below. It would also be good if you could add more supported 16:10 resolutions like 1440x900.
  14. Hi, while looking for a game thats graphically nice and playable for linux i found 0.a.d and tried it. Graphics reminds me of AOE3 although i think it would be better to have the buildings on larger grids a bit like the older AOE games and would make it easier when building walls. I do hope it is planned to include damage for buildings where pieces of a building/ship can fall off or get blown away like in AOE3 or black and white 2. Without a larger grid for placing buildings it is extremely hard to block paths using walls. I also hope there will be gates too. I'd also like to know is there a
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