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  1. another option -If you don't like the idea of citizens around a mine waiting for their turn to work- could be to asign mines in the game a max number of allowed workers. This way, every time you send a citizens to work on a full mine, you'll get a message saying something like: "This mine has exceeded the max number of allowed workers". This should happen no matter how far workers of that mine are depositing their resourses. The mine is full, that's all.
  2. Hello Wraittii. In my opinion, if units needs to go really far to deposite their resources, they shouldn't be removed from the "gatherer list". It's true that a second player could send his citizens and capture the hole mine before first player even arrive. But I have seem in other games that when it happens, citizens just get together over the mine and wait their turn to collect. The same applies when you send so many citizens to collect metal or stone and there's no enough space for everyone of them. In that case, some of them collect while the rest just get together over the mine waiting for their turn. When players see this, they immediately know that it's better to take some of those citizens and send them to other resource. For me, every citizen sent to collect a resouce should be imediately added to the "gatherer list". No matter how far or how many citizens are already working on that specific mine. I think this is the only way to have an accurate "citizen per resource count". Note: In case you use "Shift" key to assign some citizens a list of tasks, being gathering a resourse the last one, that group of citizens should be added to the "gatherer list" just when they finish the penultimate task, not before.
  3. Thank you so much Enrique for your answer and for sharing your experience with me. Judging by what you say, playing only with citizen soldiers isn't a infallible strategy after all. But that's good. Players should feel the need to use conventional citizens as well as citizen soldiers. By the way, Have you guys thought of the possibility of reducing citizen creation time. This, together with the gathering bonus, would give citizens a good advantage over citizen soldiers. It's just an idea anyway. Thanks Enrique for your invitation to join the 0AD IRC channel. I'll keep it in mind. Muchas gracias Enrique por tu respuesta y por compartir conmigo tu experiencia. Por lo que me comentas esta estrategia de solo crear "Ciudadanos-Guerreros" no es infalible después de todo. Y eso me parece bien. La idea es que aunque existan estos "Ciudadanos-Guerreos" los jugadores vean la necesidad de seguir usando los ciudadanos convencionales. A propósito ¿Han pensado en disminuir un poquito el tiempo de creación de los "Ciudadanos"? Esto junto con el bono de recolección les daría un poco de preferencia sobre los "Ciudadanos-Guerreros". En fin, es solo una idea. Gracias también por la invitación al canal. Voy a tenerla en cuenta.
  4. Well, apparently it's almost impossible to talk about the main topic. Thanks Unarmed and Lion.Kanzen for your comments. You are everywhere in the forum. Do you guys get paid for writthing anything? Really.
  5. Hi guys. I'm a big fan of AOE and AOM and I've been playing 0AD for a couple of months. It's a very good game. However, I don't like the idea of having citizens and citizen soldiers. When I started to play 0AD with some friends, we all used citizens to recollect resources, and soldiers to attack. This way we had to be smart and careful when creating them because we knew economy depended on citizens and militar power on soldiers. We also had to look for a way to protect citizens and farm fields, maybe by building some walls and towers near them or just by puting some soldiers to watch the path. Fears was a constant. The last thing you wanted to see was some enemy soldiers raiding your citizens. But one day, it ocurred to me to only use citizens soldiers and forget about citizens. It made me stronger than my opponents. I could attack them faster, and better yet, I didn't have to take care of my citizens because citizen soldiers could take care of themselves. So every time my enemy tried to raid my farm fields or wood, stone and metal gathering groups, he realized that those woorkers were actually professional soldiers. After a short while, my friends were obliged to use the same strategy since it was more effective. They all started to put aside tradicional citizens and to only use citizen soldiers. It's true that citizens are a little bit better than citizen soldiers at gathering resourses, but we have realized that it is much more practical and safe to only create citizens soldiers during the game. My friends and I really miss the traditional system of having citizens and soldiers. We believe this is one of the pillar of Real Time Strategy Games. What do you think? Hola muchachos. Soy un gran admirador de Age of Empires y Age of Mythology. He estado jugando 0AD los últimos meses y creo que es un muy buen juego. Sin embargo, no me gusta la idea de tener "Ciudadanos" y "Ciudadanos guerreros". Sucede que cuando comenzamos a jugar 0AD, tanto mis amigos como yo usábamos "Ciudadanos" para recolectar recursos y "Ciudadanos guerreros" para atacar. Este método nos obligaba a ser inteligentes y equilibrados al momento de crearlos, pues sabíamos que la economía dependía de los unos y el poder militar de los otros. Ademas, teníamos que buscar la manera de proteger los "Ciudadanos" y los campos que cultivaban. Para eso construíamos torres, murallas o cubríamos el paso con "Ciudadanos soldados". El miedo era constante. Lo ultimo que querías era que un grupo de soldados entrara a la ciudad y empezara a atacar a tus "ciudadanos". Un día, se me ocurrió una excelente idea: Usar solo "Ciudadanos guerreros" y olvidarme de los "Ciudadanos" convencionales. Esto me dio una gran superioridad sobre mis rivales. Podía atacar mas rápido y ya no tenía que preocuparme por cuidar a mis "Ciudadanos", pues los "Ciudadanos guerreros" se defendían solos. Siempre que mi enemigo intentaba atacar mis cultivos o campamentos de recolección de madera, metal y piedra, se encontraba con que mis trabajadores era guerreros profesionales. Pronto, todos mis amigos se vieron forzados a usar la misma estrategia, pues esta resultaba mas eficaz. Todos fueron dejando de lado a los tradicionales "Ciudadanos" y empezaron a jugar solo con "Ciudadanos guerreros". Es cierto que los "Ciudadanos" recolectan recursos un poco más rápido que los guerreros, pero nosotros hemos comprobado que es mucho mas práctico y seguro usar solo guerreros. Mis amigos y yo extrañamos el antiguo método en el que había que tener ciudadanos y soldados, pues creemos que es uno de los pilares de los juegos de estrategia. ¿Qué piensan ustedes?
  6. I started this post because I thought that a "garrison only citizens that are under attack" button would be a good idea. But as K776 said, maybe it would be micro-managementy. And thinking about it, he's right. I was only looking for a quick way to hide my citizens when attacked. And as Feneur said, Ctrl + Right Click is the perfect solution. Finally, I have no doubt that a traditional "garrison all citizens" button is necessary. At least in some cases. So guys, I have nothing left to say on this post. Thank you.
  7. Yeah, completely agree with Quantumstate and Wraitii. Hiding, fleeing or just moving to another gathering spot is a decision that must be taken by the player, not the AI.
  8. Sorry but I desagree with Azayrahmad and Iap.I think the conventional house building system will always be the best. In fact, struggling with the necessity of building houses because you have no space for more citizens or soldiers is what really add life to the game. This conventional system is great. Not olnly put your management capabilities to the test, but at the same time is simple.
  9. ohh no no, I din't know it was that simple (Just pressing Ctrl button). Actually, I started to play 0 A.D. about 1 month ago, and there are a lot of things I'm unaware of.On the other hand, when I started this topic I was only thinking of female citizens since citizens soldiers can fight back.
  10. Well, maybe what K776 said is true, and a "garrison only citizens that are under attack" button, and pushing it time and time again would be micro-managementy.But, just as the rest of members, I think that at least a tradicional "garrison all citizens" buttond would be necessary. On the other hand, I think that regardless of citizens reaction when under attack, having the possiblity of manually garrison them will be really useful. And that is because it will allow us to protect them even before the enemy troops arrived. In other words, citizens won't have to wait until arrows are stuk in their backs to realise that is time to run away and hide. So what do you guys think? Maybe we could have the next 2 options in the game: A "garrison all citizens" button, and at the same time, the posibility of garrison citizens whenever we want, just by selecting a desired group and right-clicking on civ centre (Or tower, or fortress).
  11. What about making grey color a little bit darker? A little bit mor like black. Could it be possible?
  12. By the way, Idanwin is the man behind the idea. See the 4th reply in http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16319
  13. I have played a few RTS games in my life, and most of them have the custamary "garrison all villagers" button. At first sight this option looks really useful, and in some ways it is. But when you have 70 citizens working all around the map, and 20 of them are suddenly under atack, you won't probably want to hide them all. You will only want to protect the group that is in danger, while the rest of them keep on working. So my suggestion is to create a civilization centre's button that allows us to automatically garrison citizens in territory that is under attack. This way, the rest of the citizens can continue working during the assault. Now, what if the enemy starts to attack another group of citizens? well, in this case we push the button again, and this new group of citizens automatically seek shelter. Sounds usefull. Don't you think?
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