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  1. Ye leave the women at home to make the sandwiches haha jokes of course anyway i want some female warriors in the game not just boudicca!
  2. It doesn't even have to be a big change on the building. Example: Celtic buildings should have more details on then like more skulls hanging off of them maybe a little extension, more banners, things like this so the other player can see what phase the other player is in easily.
  3. Only games ive been playing lately are Anno 2070, Street fighter 4, Little bit of Minecraft but i get bored of it very easily. Also can't wait for Guild wars 2 to come out!!!
  4. I don't think it will be "tedious" because the purpose is it makes your units either resource gathering light armoured guys, or armoured warriors. It would add a harder defend element to the game forcing the player to have wall or a military presents in his base to make sure player doesn't get raided , Example: I don't like the way the bot has his male citizens gathering resources and as soon as you approach his border they magically appear there armour out of no where and all of a sudden hordes of guys have killed your army. If A.I had to equip all of his soldiers before he defended then i would probably do a bit of damage to his base and economy, maybe run away if i had light cavalry. I like the conventional way also but too many games have it and it is kind of dull if you think about it. I think 0ad team should make up there own population/housing system, one that's millions times better . I know there capable of it. Good idea. And so is azayrahmad's idea of citizens generating over time from your built houses, would be less harsh on noobies who don't really resource race at the start of game and prefer to chill build as i call it.
  5. Ye it mite be confusing at first but once you have played for a few weeks/months you won't mistake what unit your looking at with another.
  6. So the Barracks is a place where you build soldiers and cavalry (most factions) and I have been thinking lately why not make it so your soldiers are built without any armour on unless you choose them too, if they come out without there armour on they are more efficient at gathering resources and are faster on there feet. The armoured soldier has more armour/health/accuracy/los than there un-armoured side. This doesn't apply to ranged units because they are light armoured as it is. Also doesn't apply to cavalry because there is no point. Maybe you could expand on this like add a Battle alarm to the barracks or civ center that gets all of the unarmed male citizens in the territory to run to the barracks and equip some armour.
  7. Awesome! you are a god send to this team, they should reply soon so stay tuned. Also do you have any pictures of Mauryan Architecture because i believe that is what they are lacking.
  8. What do i need to do to play multiplayer with my friend? do i need hamachi to connect or what?
  9. I like your idea of the wildlife reacting to what the player is doing. Things like flocks of birds leaving the forest that's being cut down and carnivores sniffing around hunted animals. Would give you a way to read what your enemy is doing or expanding without getting to close.
  10. One does not just walk into an enemy base unnoticed, even if he is disguised as one of them im pretty sure he will be spotted and when they try and click on the unit (spy disquised as villager) they will not be allowed and then they will be like "why can i not select that unit... OMFG A SPY!!"
  11. darn i hope 0ad isn't the kind of game where APM is the main key too winning, im not really good at multi-tasking on strategy games so i'd be screwed if it is. Hope you can find a way around this. My suggestion is that all factions scout horse you start with at the beginning of each game be equipped with a ranged weapon so he can go hunt effectively because the melee scout horse you start with is useless for hunting because it can't seem to get a successful hit on fleeing animals. It would be good if there was a new hunting unit that takes a cart out and goes off killing wildlife and bringing back 200 food at a time.
  12. I would like too see a very in depth diplomacy system where i can do trade treaties. peace treaties and so on with the bots. I want to be able to bully the bots into giving me things for my protection from the other bots. i want to trade technologies with the bots/players giving us both an advantage. I know it would be hard but it would be really fun to play with bots and i think 0ad should have a really good (better than any other rts game) diplomacy ai.
  13. Looks great. That map looks huge, what map is it? or is it something for the campaign
  14. Ye i get your point about horses and ships taking a while to turn around instead of instantly turning around. It would look alot more natural than it is now, Foot units shouldn't really have one though.
  15. How fast can you reach each phase? Rules: Choose random map, Ardennes forest, medium size and turn players to 1, victory conditions is endless. List your faction and time you reached each phase (press f12 in game to see time) and no telling porkies! Faction: Celts Town phase: 3m45s City Phase: 10m08s There's so many different effective ways to do but I just kept making mistakes on the City phase bit.
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