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0 A.D. on YouTube


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Just now, Lion.Kanzen said:

I am a subscriber of channels of 0 A.D.


You have good covers anyway And the game looks good on your pc.

I have to enable OP graphics settings for that, But they are not very helpful while I play, It cause fps drop. will need better hardware to play game with good graphic settings. good thing that 0AD developers made this alpha to avoid observer lag. This helped me to do some live streams with weirdjokes and NoobDude

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Uhm, Uhm...

Uhm, Uhm, I uploaded another youtube video highlighting a different build with Carthaginian mercenary strategies than my previous videos. In the previous videos I showed a build that has significant limitations.

I should really stop using the word "uhm". uhm, lets upload it anyway and try to work on that in another video. If I were too picky, I would never get to upload anything.


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