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  1. I'll see if I can come up with something quickly as I'm out of time
  2. Maybe you could make the turret a prop_object and reference it into the parent's model. Then you could make the turret would have the attack value, while the chassis would just serve for mobility and Armour purposes. It's something to think about. I'm going to give it a try in a near future BTW: I was already following your mod. It looks neat!
  3. Hey Ludo38! Thanks for your feedback. However I just followed the reference that I was given a few pages back. As you can see they are finger-shaped But I'll see what I can do when i get the time, although Mythos said that they were okay...
  4. When I started with 3d, I was given this advice: Always use references Doesn't matter if you're just making your very own cell-phone which is standing right in from of you. Always get more references. The more you have, the more your model tends to reflect the reality. About the biomes, rocks need an overall update through the entire game. Since I started back with desert ones in this thread - which you're free to hijack - (also started a temperate set, but never really got around doing it, since I'm out of free time) you are free to take some of these reference I was given and do another desert. Of course, there are some priorities like for more cold environments (as far as I'm aware of, we really need to get some snowy rocks out ) "You must do what you feel it's right of course." - J/K. Do what you feel like doing About UV, well, some textures already are seamless and others needs to be transformed into, but just uses Blender's "Smart UV Pack" and edit it around as you see fit You don't even have to cut seams. Not for rocks, at least
  5. Hey Mirek! I'm far from professional but here are some remarks about your rocks (which do rock! ) Well, rocks are basically static meshes. The number of vertices depends on the number of details we want to add in and how big would they look ingame - although we seen to have some work in progress regarding LOD, which may help us to get some more HD models ingame. Anyways, in big stonemines formations you can extrapolate - by that I mean, 600-700. But, don't go overdetailing. I like the first one, but somehow I feel it could have more details - more vertices - specially in the minor rocks. Of course, as I said before it depends if you wish to make it be a big rock or a small formation. Second ones looks good, but somehow I feel they don't fit the desert biome - I could be wrong, since I'm no geologist or biologist, but in desert areas you'll mostly get physic weathering and mechanic erosion by wind, what would make the rocks look more pointy. Take this statement for your third formation That's it. You're in the nice direction! Keep it up or you can try other stuff to model, since rocks are quite boring But it's also fun when you get the hang on it. EDIT: Enrique replied faster again!
  6. Well, when taking screenshots the best would be to hide the GUI.
  7. Well, If I ever get the time to do, I also would like to personalize each rubble to match it's predecessor building /dreaming out loud.
  8. Actually, I quite like it. It, in my personal view, doesn't seems like a spec, but more like a rushed-paint in the shield, what looks very realistic.
  9. Hello Mirek! Welcome! Nice to see that you're also working on some rocks! If you wish some advice or to know how I did my rocks, I made a tutorial about it a while ago: https://vimeo.com/46526749 Keep them coming!
  10. It's me or some units doesnt cast shadows on your picture, Enrique? Or maybe it's the settings you're using
  11. Can a good soul commit a new build? (If they haven't yet I still haven't tried this fancy-water-on-models stuff.) I need time lol!
  12. Looking great! I just feel it's yellow is a bit overs saturated... Hmm... Maybe you could get the current goat-gold texture that we have for the idol and use the same color? (If you already did that, please ignore my comment, my eyes must have been weird )
  13. What exactly worked? It's good for us to have references when problems like this arrive again with other people
  14. It seens to be an administrator issue. See if you have the admin rights to install the game, or simply run the .exe as administrator. Then you'll get permission to open the file to written. If that doesn't work, maybe the file you got is corrupted, something might have happened with your download, so try re-downloading the game. If that doesn't work, try to uninstall Alpha 9. (Not sure why Just to clean up some of your disk space, anyways. )
  15. Funny is how even outdated pictures of the game still looks really darn good.
  16. I don't think we should save to many polys in Wonders... They are wonders after all. They will only be built once and they must look amazing. They must wonder the players
  17. I personally like where this is going. However I believe the scale of the House is a bit off. Just my impression
  18. Olá Diogo! Bom ver mais um falante do português por aqui! Anyways, could you provide us with some work examples? We would love to see them!
  19. Gen.Kenobi

    Spy sheep

    Sheeps were used in AoC to have a nice fast scout around your base.
  20. Hmm... Do you mind to upload the actor_file too? BTW, nice model! It's a good start! Hmm... You're doing it wrong. Make the props in the same model file. There's no need to add empties. You can model your props in different variations (each set in a different layer, just for organization purposes) then you can join each set in the same object and then you export it separately. (Where you are going to place the props in Blender is the place where the engine will read as prop_points.) Then you have to create prop.xml file to reference your prop models and textures. And then all you have to do is add the <prop> under the structure's main actor file. Piece of cake Of course there should be other ways to do that, as you were doing, but this is the way and I and the way it works for me PS: To much "Thens" on what I wrote. LOL
  21. Should be fixed... Hmm... I'm not really sure about making underground mines... I think I'm going for an AoC Style... as we almost have now. I just need some references for inspiration.
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