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  1. You should try to give the normal texture a paralax map. This will make the details pop out way more. Just add a new Alpha Channel into the difuse texture and remake the normal map. This should fix your problem, unless you're already using Parallax. Also, bear in mind that Mythos used Post-Processing in these screens he took. You can see Bloom, DOF, ect. Last time I checked those features were only avaliable into Atlas - could be wrong though.
  2. Now it's looking more realistic! But still... you can notice that just one of them on each rack is unnaligned I am being too picky xD But it's a nIce job mate!
  3. Hmm... Loving it! Just make sure you add a little bit of "humaness" to the racks. The weapons look so well alligned that it feels artificial. Try messing with the organization a little. Other than that it look awesome!
  4. You are pretty right That was what we noticed when we put the archer as a turret. It would still use it's fire animation even though it was a prop of the chassis, I guess... Gudo made the example.
  5. So... you provided free TS server hosting! SOUNDS AMAZING! Am I dreaming or not? I am pretty sure 0.A.D could use something like that - specially on our Staff Matches.
  6. I think you must create a shortcut to pyrogenesis and name it after the name of the folder. Example: C:\Users\Usuário\Desktop\0ad-source\binaries\system\pyrogenesis.exe -mod=mimo The folder name is mimo. Hmm... since you're using the ppa binary... would be interesting for you to unzip all the files of the public.zip into a public folder, delete the .zip and them try to run it again with your command. Or try to zip your mod folder and use the command. Anyways, since you're modding the game, I reccomend you to try to get the SVN to get the lastest changes made by the team, so your mod could always benefit to get the lastest engine improvements. Not to mention that you could also get acess to the source code and modify it for your mod purposes. Some versions might be instable but, I believe the benefits are much bigger. And, since I have a personal mod too, I use the SVN version and it works with the commands.
  7. Yeah. Zaggy is teh king of animations I'll be sure getting some of his advice Question> How would you guys want the texture? Using pre-determined collors? Or the black & white pattern variations in order to make it work like the current hair textures? I'm also thinking about transforming the model (after I finish it) into a cow, since they are almost the same shape.
  8. I have plans to start working on a Modding Tutorial very very soon. I just need to get some sleep, kick my lazy a ss, grab my gear togheter and do it. If you're looking to replace some of the game's models, make sure the models you have are in the .dae format. Also, you'll need to edit the actor files and maybe even change some entities if you wish to change the stats. I'll try to cover basically everything very soon
  9. A next AoE could be in the WW1 setting... but that's not going to happen...
  10. I guess it's a matter of references But if you guys really want, I'll make the ears smaller. And about the space near the neck, I'm gonna do it.
  11. Waiting approval to start unwrapping this beast. All credits to Enrique for the main mesh. - Although I hate working with tris
  12. There are several races/types of cattle, you know I was asking just to be sure if it was the Zebu type that I should look foward to model. Anyways, interesting piece of info and references on the wikipedia page - I know those are for myself, but keeping then togheter will work just fine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurochs
  13. So... I should transform the model into a Zebu, right?
  14. I think we should start documenting all errors and their solutions about the export/import .daes on the wiki. I've started to list a few, but if you could help us out, that would be awesome. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ExportingErrors
  15. I can try, but I'd need someone with experience to review it, as I never did a rig from scrath - I mostly used Blender's rigfy add-on, but it doesn't works ingame and only for bipeds... I am not an animator. But that doesn't stops me to learn it. Anyways, I've started to research the ox anatomy. I'll dump what I find interesting here. If someone comes up with something better, please post it here too.
  16. Well, I suppose I could try. As long as someone rigs the ox model that I'm supposed to model - given that I'm sucessful on that task - I think I can do it. I need to start animating either way. Maybe this is a good opportunity for me.
  17. I'll do it. Sounds easy and fun to do. Expect updates after the holidays season
  18. Hey Kieram, I wasn't talking about their GUI, but about their PR strategy. Maybe I didn't make myself very clear.
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