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  1. Now committed: I really believe that I should start doing some metal mines... But, I really don't know how would they look like... Hmm... Does anybody knows good reference images?
  2. Awesome! Do you mind uploading it for us to try it?
  3. Yeah! They are looking great! Let your creativity fly! Add more details! Do different shapes, with different textures! Don't forget to keep it somehow, historically based! Keep it up, mate!
  4. And then maybe we can think about lensflares and ghosts Just kidding. (but it would look quite cool in a future-startrekish-mod) Back to the rocks. In case you didn't notice, yesterday I went and fixed the specular for the Temperate Rock formations that are playable on the BelgianBog map. I'm really with not very much time on my hands anymore, so the progress into "Rocking" will be really more slow, but I'll try to get them done (For Alpha 11, I think they are quite nice so far). Sorry about that guys :/
  5. Well, Enrique, I can see the Parallax from an ingame perspective and the heightmap is quite realistic-looking I like to zoom in often to see what and how my workers are doing, so I really don't think it would be useless. As we commented on IRC, if I recall correctly , we are planning to everything to have parallax and be awesome-looking. BTW, I committed the missing AO texture yesterday. Yeah, feel free to post your concerns on the Rock thread.
  6. We don't use the PMD file type anymore, so there's no need to bother with the 3ds max plugin We now use only DAE files. The engine can read those, so it's much easier to export. Anyways, you don't have to wait for the Mauryan buildings... On this list, despite being outdated in some areas, there are some nice stuff that needs new models and updating. How would you feel doing new variations for the Iberian Venerated monument?
  7. BTW Myconid, could you explain to me the step 1 of the Blender's script of automatic AO Generation? I Could not understand it
  8. If we combine them, the map will be bigger, like 2048x2048.. Not sure if it'll affect the performance, but that's the way we did in RoTE In the future can we hope for Dynamically and automatically generated AO?
  9. Hey Allen! Welcome to our forums! You have an awesome portfolio! I really like that WW1 plane. Sounds smooth and low-poly. It's texture is just superb! I'll try to answer your questions the best that I can. We are an open-source development, so you can access all our current art assets from the SVN. You can either get the full code, via SVN - that receives updates daily with new art assets and programming stuff - or you can download the models and textures separately, so you can unwrap them on your models We recommend you to download the full code, so you can start to get yourself familiar with the basic Art Pipeline (it's for blender, but I believe you'll be able to adapt it to your 3ds needs ). If you wish, you could also read the Art Design Document, as a reference, since it needs some updates here and there. Well, we don't work currently with Concept Art. They used to do so, around the old days - 2003/2004 - when the game was in early and closed development state. But there are some nice works that could serve as inspiration for you in the website. Buildings and Units here. But we mostly use historic images and references found around the internet. You can pick anything you would like to do, and get it done, as a starters task. We have a priority list as Enrique said, for Alpha 11, if you take something from there and do, it would help us a lot.Them, as you progress you'll be assigned to tasks, or you'll be free to do whatever you like - that's pretty much the way it's working for us right now. You can simply post a picture of your done model here - ingame too if you wish, to show that you know your way around the pipeline (that's not really necessary, but it's a plus when the artists can get their stuff ingame(i just learned that, and I joined back in 2010 - them, we'll work your way into the team with SVN commit access I hope my explanation works Anyways, welcome again, and I look forward to see your already awesome work, now for 0ad! Best regards, - Daniel EDIT: Enrique beat me to it. I was already writing the reply when I had to answer the phone Sorry.
  10. Indeed! Yeah. I really don't know why the AO is doing that. Maybe it's too strong? I'll have to check it out.
  11. Yeah, but a place where I could work from and get the feeling of getting the job done would be awesome Or I can just keep adding random rocks
  12. Thanks But I'm not happy with the AO - don't know what's happening, the faces not receiving sun-light are black - nor with the current texture... It looks too whiteish for me. And i just noticed that I may need to fix the geometry on some spots BTW, Michael, if you get the time, can you create a table, like this one for geology stuff (with references)?
  13. Thanks New stonemines committed. Somehow the AO is messed up... Need to fix that, but not right now. Bed time.
  14. Entities are basically, If I understood right, the attributes of the actor. Actor is just the visual representation. An Entity is actually the game_object of the actor.
  15. Question are we already able to add water into models? I forgot. Some mills like this would be nice
  16. Yeah. It's too complex. Adding new actions and defining it would really be great... However... What about we create something modular? We could have a basic template.variable that would let us copy and tweak it without the need of going too deep in the code. Cutting the hardcoded part would be awesome.
  17. The beauty of FOSS development is that you can create a branch and do your own stuff If you think you could do something like that, I really don't see why not - I mean, I guess the web guys will be more free once the website is launched
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