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  1. Sorry to bump, but do you guys still looking for 3d artists?
  2. Hehehehehe... If there's anything that i can do to help, let's me know
  3. Hmm... i still haven't understood the skeleton thing... It's the configuration guide for the model, with the names of the bones and with what they do? And how to bake and add new animations for new models?
  4. So...what is missing into your planning? I'm sure we would all be glady to help
  5. Do you guys have any work so far, besides the planning? Models, codes, stuff?
  6. Hi. I want to get started into modding this game - I know it's ALPHA, but i want to start now, so i can later on write tutorials for the future modders that may come. I'm using the lastest public realese version and i have a few questions: - What does "Ape" do? What is it's functions? - How to bone models? Well, i don't know how you guys do it here, but in C&C we had to name each part of the model that will make a determined function, so the game engine could read and interpret it. Or i should edit XML files for the .dae files? Please give me some instruction here - i'm looking foward to get my own models ingame. - What does "ColourTester" do? What is it's functions? - How can i edit/add new entities? I have taken a look into my mods/public folder and i can seen to find the "entities" folder, where Mythos Ruller in this thread said that he modded the game. Thank you in advance, -Gen.Kenobi
  7. Are these changes updated & implemented into the public SVN?
  8. But you can setup the C++ environment into these IDEs. NetBeams, the one that i have, works with third-part compillers. And it's well explained about how to do that into the documentation. Take a look: http://netbeans.org/features/cpp/ http://netbeans.org/community/releases/60/...structions.html
  9. Hey dude! Nice to see another brazuca here! Impressive models! Keep it up!
  10. Lol! I found that quite strange...like WTF this guy is talking about @oshron: If you are really going to do that, you must think in a way to Age Up.
  11. The question is, how many of those Linux guys are actually using Netbeans and/or Eclipse? I just came out of an international open-source forum... so i can asure you that Linux developers uses a lot these IDEs - the opinion about them is diverse, some think that Netbeams is the best, others go for Eclipse. - They are both very powerfull and customizable with plugins for C++, Java and many other languages I'm not sure about that, I think there were problems the last time we tried (help would be appreciated, though!() If you just want to get it running as soon as possible, VC2008 is a safer bet. It's! I just compiled yesterday night and VS2010 did the conversion without major problemans. Of course there were some minor ones.
  12. Thank you! I forgot to say that i also have plenty of experience with PR, since I work as PR Admin at the Revora Creative Network If you guys need promotion to be done, let's me know if i can help you
  13. Well, it haven't worked So i'm going to have to install Visual Studio... Is the 2010 version compatible? It could be complex, but i'm prety sure that i woud make things more easer for both Microsoft and Linux users, since Netbeans and Eclipse are cross-plataforms...
  14. But if you take a look at their planning...it's all about ages I guess it's something that we may be abble to tweak...since we have the engine open.
  15. Hmm... NetBeans has support for C++... I'm going to see if it works and post back.
  16. Hi dudes! I'm Daniel, but i'm more known into the gamming and modding community as Gen.Kenobi. I'm crazy about RTS. I've always been a fan of RTS games, specially Age of Empires (II). I'm a student, but i'm a modder in my free time. You can check my mod here. I'm a modeler, i work with 3ds Max, but i'm learning Blender. You can see some of my works at my profile. Well, i'm looking foward for this engine... 8) Can't wait to mod it and to create the RTS of my dreams Hi all!
  17. Hey guys! I was wondering... Do i have to download Visual Studio 2008 or can I use another free IDE (open-source) like Eclipse or NetBeans?
  18. Hey guys! I just registred here to make a cumpliment to both SMST & oshron. I read the entire topic yesterday and i'm really impressed. However there are 2 things that i would like to suggest, for both Atlas and Pyrogenesis: Empire. Instead of obligation to chose a faction that will become something in the future - something very dificult to adress, historycally speaking, even more when we're talking about Pre-Historic ages - Why don't you guys make something like we have seen on Age of Empires III & Empire Total War? Over Age you choose a politician, what about you choose a flag to defend, a flag to become a nation? Over Empire Total War, we had the Revolutions. You had to choose to remain with the King or to be a revolutionary. These metheods can be tweaked to acheive both fun gameplay and historical accuracy. And...what about... you don't have to age up? You age up by the time of playing... so, the different factions would evolve at different times, grantting them game advantages or disavantages, making the game more historical accurate.
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