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  1. About vegetation, isn't it too restrictive to bound vegetation into rock-objects? I am when you have single stone, you can place him in locations with different climate. But when there is a dry bush with it, it would not be very convincing for example in woods. I dont know how do you create new maps, maybe it is bether to add vegetation directly in map-editor, or not? Youre right with the crack. There is another on the other side of this stone. But they are to small and only few, I think it is just wasting of faces. Playing with texturing may have bether results. As mentioned in the Gen.Kenob
  2. Fyi - next week I have an important exam, so I'll probably have a little less time now. Anyways I will continue with my work and if you like rocks that I posted above, I can bring some .dae files next time.
  3. I see, I'll use MAPS AND BIOME GUIDE for specific examples. I look forward to Thanks for sharing the wealth. Some things were completely new for me (conformal unwrapping, using pivot point...). I was using quick'n'dirty Smart UV Projects, but your technique with pivot point is able to achieve better resolution. I'll play with that... Desert rocks with some vegetation... ..I left it a little angular as before. Is it too much? .."sand dune" test (225 faces). Good idea or not? (I suppose that sand is default ground in desert biome, so it should merge together and look more realistic with san
  4. I am glad to hear that. Happy customer is our goal, sir Thanks for the tips & feedback. I read them carefully and I hope I'll repay them in the future I did not know how much polygons can I afford, so details suffered sometimes. I try to keep polygons count as low as I can. But on the other side not at the expense of details (I feel, that it was happening now). About transparency - Very nice guide, I think it will be useful not only for me. Actually, this is important only for rendering, or transparency in game also depends on this setting? UV mapping - one stupid question. When I textu
  5. sry, "vegetation" of course. Making my dinner, I was not focused and really hungry @Ludo: Textures were only simply generated. Final version should look more close to that: You're right, it should be more random. About that shape... I have to stop watching Westerns
  6. Hi, finaly I am back. Some rocks for your judgement... 1. about 200 vertices&faces 2. about 250 vertices&faces 3. about 400 vertices&faces. Is it too "round" for a rock? Or you like how "desert winds" smooth the stone surface ...are they big enough? And is there enough of stones (for game usage heaps of stones like img 1& img 2 and some lonely ones like the last one seem best from my point of view)? What should I improve? If you like them, I can make some other versions and use UV texturing... I would like to add some vegetables growing from cracks... I can create plains, u
  7. Thank you very much for your advices. I'll go and try to turn them into a bunch of fine stones Brb in few days - work is coming PS: Eggbirds pilars are absolutely awesome. Is it possible to download the source for lowpoly version?
  8. Ok, so if the scale is right (I hope it is), I'll create some friends for those lonely stones And it is bether when I try to texture them myself, or this can be done later and more important is to focus on having a lot of "marble" untextured stones When I export and import simple cube in Blender, it is still the same - no changes. I try to remember it and next time fill in triangles manually. Thank you for tips! BTW: May I ask you for help with Blender? Just for my fun I try to create something similar to this pillar (pic1, pic2). Final render is this... ...poor fat-cat consisting from 2
  9. @Zaggy1024 & Ludo38: Thank you. Hope I won't disappoint you.. @quantumstate & Enrique: I start playing with some stones before I read your posts so be it First render... 1. (14 vertices) tiny angular one 2. (29 vertices) small - still quite angular - flat stone; on sides of smaller stone you can propably see, that sides are UV mapped to follow stone texture 3. (33 vertices) small stone rounded by desert winds. Angular to much? Do not want to waste vertices so I keep it too low maybe. Sure I can add more details. There is (green colored) iberian house and stone_granite_la_a and ston
  10. ...I am sorry, never mind. Problem is desribed here - Exporting Collada models to use in 0 A.D. I read it three times and still was not able to remember fail. You're the boss I think that animals are not good for my first steps. I am inspecting the trees, rocks and other gaia stuff. For now I can bether imagine buildings, but I understand that they have higher prio so it problably is not a good idea for new guys. So the choice is yours...
  11. No - I thank you Well I'll take a look at some structures in the repo for the first time. May I ask you for a little help? How can I import textures from .dds files you use properly? I've never worked with them :[ and Google did not help... so I can not even search myself really bad day today.
  12. Position: 3D artist Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes Name: Mirek Rysan Email: name . surname (as is written above) hosted by google mail MSN Messenger: For now jabber only. But if needed, I can create a new account. PM pls... Location: Czech Republic, GMT +1 Availability: I think I can guarantee 5 hours/week all the time. If everything goes well (work, family..) 10+ hours should be
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