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  1. I suspect that they know what the guerrilla aura should do and that the reason why the feature is not available yet (i.e. TBD) is not because they do not know what it should do, but because the game does not support yet whatever they are planning. That said, ideas are always useful.
  2. Judging from http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18564#entry290060 , translations are the most notorious feature. “Philadelphus” would make sense.
  3. 1. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2372 2. No idea. 3. In the future, that will probably be an icon. In the meantime, suggest Spanish translators that they change “Configuración” to “Conf.” or something ike that, or do it yourself in Transifex.
  4. I can only see benefits in having continuous integration, regardless of the solution that we choose.
  5. Well, the skeletons will be useful for the unavoidable Wesnoth mod.
  6. Please, when designing these interfaces keep in mind mods that might add civilizations and factions. For example, try to design an interface that would work with 20 civilizations with 3 factions each, with some of those civilizations having instead o 3 just 1 faction, and others having 10 or more factions. The interface should be able to handle such a case. Some suggestions with this in mind: Get rid of the buttons on the left-hand side. Instead, organize the list of factions by civilization (like in http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/screenshots/dolphin-groups.jpg) and allow to chose a civilization. Clicking a civilization header selects all the factions of that civilization.Use smaller icons (like in http://icrontic.com/uploads/features/2013/08/WorldMap.png , maybe without text as well since we have the informative right-hand sidebar).When more than one faction is selected, add a message somewhere that explains that, when the game starts, a factions will be randomly chosen from the selected factions. This flexibility, being able to choose any set of factions regardless of the civilization to randomly get one of them, would be awesome, and you could still do it on a civilization basis as explained. Replace the Random All button with a Select All button on top of the list of factions.The informative panel shouw show information about the faction that you are currently hovering, or the last faction that you were hovering if your are not hovering any faction at all.We would need a cool vertical scrollbar when the list of factions does not fit the screen.
  7. It would be possible, yes. But it is not a priority right now.
  8. Si te animas a traducirlo al vasco: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/0ad/language/eu/
  9. That is correct. I definitely need to read the logs before I get back to it XD
  10. In my case, not woking on fixing the internationalization branch is a bit of a mix of lack of time (I'm not studing and working), lack of interest (not in the feature itself, which I really want to see implemented, but in fixing the Windows implementation, which so far has proven a frustrating experience) and lack of hurry (we decided not to include this feature before Alpha XVI, to be on the safe side and have time to thoroughly test this feature). Regarding why it is not working, if I knew it would be working The Windows part, which is where I stopped, was (if I recall right) something to do with the project configuration and the required libraries, but it's been some months since I (termorarily) gave up. On top of getting it to build, we still need to figure out how to handle right-to-left languages, and extend our fonts to support all scripts.
  11. There is actually no stability issues as in random crashes. The problem is that the internationalization branch only seems to build on my Linux machine. Other Linux machines and Windows machines cannot even build it. No chance to generate an executable on those.
  12. We use ICU to get the language name from the language code, so as long as the language is supported by ICU, the right, localized name will be displayed. The current implementation already detects translation files at runtime (provided that they are stored in the right folder with the right filename).
  13. It is not X11, as it works fine when running KDE Plasma. Can someone else running a GTK-based desktop confirm this?
  14. Regarding the internationalization of the website, it could certainly be done using Transifex as well. However I must say that I’m currently quite busy with matters other than 0 A.D. and getting the game internationalization itself up and running in every platform has much more priority for me than internationalicing the website, so it will be a long time before I contemplate the possibility of looking into it. That say, if the web development team manages to put up a internationalization system based on PO/POT files (I’m not sure what underlying technology the website is using, but all web languages have wide support for this), the remaining bits about integrating that with Transifex would be rather easy and I could certainly find a moment to help with that last part.
  15. I repeat, report this at trac.wildfiregames.com instead of the forums, otherwise developers can easily loose track of your report.
  16. You should report this in trac.wildfiregames.org, not in the forums, and you should provide more details (which version of the game are you running, what OS, what graphic card, etc.). As I guess you have done it successfully in the past, what has changed since? Did this start happening after you upgraded to a new version of 0 A.D.? Did it happen after you changes your hardware, installed or uninstalled software, or any other change in your system? Put all that when you open your ticket, please.
  17. Instead of suggesting not using Wikimedia projects as sources, I find it better to do so, and if errors are detected, fix them both in the game and upstream.
  18. While I think there is room for polishment, I certainly like the concept.
  19. If I understood Sanders17 right, the "tinygettext not building on Linux" issue might be just due to scons being missing. I might have to try it for myself, though, in a computer other than my current computer (either my laptop of a virtual machine).
  20. EDIT: Use https://github.com/leper/0ad/tree/i18n. As some people have started trying to build the internationalization branch (patch against the Subversion trunk), Ive not gotten a single report of anyone having successfully built it. In fact, people have reported issues on both Linux and Windows, which worries me. I would like to keep track of the known issues here, and try to fix them one by one until the internationalization branch not only allows to run the game in any language, but in any machine as well. These are the known issues: (FIXED) In Windows, ICU must be added to the libraries folder for Windows. IconV, a dependency of ICU, might be required as well.(FIXED) In source/i18n/L10n.cpp, the line #include "precompiled.h" is missing (it appears in every cpp source file).(IN PROGRESS) In Linux, tinygettext is not automatically compiled. When making the program, -ltinygettext cannot be found, I have to run myself build.sh in libraries/source/tinygettext to make it work.In Linux, it is not possible to lauch the game, as it gets core dumped.(IN PROGRESS) In Windows, tinygettext must be built for Windows and binaries must be included.For tinygettext built with a compiler to be compatible with the game being built with a different compiler, we cannot use std::string, but a wrapper as in https://github.com/JoshuaJB/0ad/blob/lobby/source/lobby/glooxwrapper/glooxwrapper.h#L107In Linux, the tinygettext build script does not have execution permissions.If you are aware of any issue building or running the internationalization branch that is not listed here yet, please let me know. If you succeeded on building and running the internationalization branch, please let me know as well. In both cases, I would really appreciate it if you could provide some details (operating system name and version and build tools mainly).
  21. Research is already there in different buildings, which I believe is better gameplay-wise.
  22. For “rate” I use “velocidade” in Galician. I think “velocidad” might work as well for Spanish, as in “velocidad de recolección de recursos” (resource gathering rate).
  23. This license should also apply to English strings and translations of the engine, which unless we specify otherwise are covered, if any, by the GNU GPLv2 license, as they come from the sources in the source/ folder.
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