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  1. i don't think spearmen are bonused against elephants its skirmishers and some swordsmen i think
  2. Well sure they might be underpowered but if you use the properly they are overpowered narrow passage 10 spearmen at front and 10 bolt shooters at back they do linear splash damage so like that you can beat armies of thousands of men
  3. my friend Dredly made this vid , sorry for his voice this is first video on our channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uuy-QgJg_AY&feature=youtu.be
  4. So i was thinking about what u said what about what if you just give the units in the aura more speed and when they are receive damage they automatically flee or something like that!
  5. Fellow Players, As it is seen all three iberian heroes have a hero aura of guerrilla warfare. Know the hero aura is TBD (to be done). Which means that its not gonna be in alpha 16 since its still TBD know. So i thought that they probably didn't think of an idea for what the guerrilla warfare aura does yet so here is a thread to help them design what the hero aura could be. My proposal is here: The hero aura generates a sort of unexplored mist around the hero himself so that the units around the hero could sneak in and not be seen until its too late. Sort of like a camouflage. This will add to the idea of lightning strikes and quick and quick withdrawal. Comment what you think or any idea that you believe should be the hero aura for the Iberians. Thankyou LordMInty
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