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  1. I could do the texturing for this ship if you like, it's the least I could do
  2. Umm...I live in India, so I know what I'm talking about, believe me. Heavily populated areas are terrible, hygiene, if you don't count the upper castes, is not anything great. People spit in open public places, like here or here. A walk through an Indian city will tell you everything. If we're healthy its because our immune systems have learnt to adapt to extreme circumstances
  3. It takes years to form an army, yet we can do it in 30 minutes in the game
  4. Hey! It looks rad! Much better than the existing one! But I find the stiff ears a bit off putting, maybe have it move a bit? And the bell should move to and fro more
  5. Yeah, I get what you're saying... Maybe you can lose some of the shield? Its not really important (even though it looks fantastic!).
  6. Looks great! Doesn't fill up the space well though, the negative space is too dominant, IMO.
  7. Why not call the tech Ritual Sacrifice or something like that then?
  8. Kind of like the Roman persecutions of the Christians? Or the Seleucid persecutions of the Jews (Maccabean revolt anyone?)? Or the Aztec subjugation of the Mayans? Or the Hindu persecution of the Buddhists in the 7th century?
  9. Looks superb! I love the composition! The only thing I'm concerned about is its...roughness? If you can make things a little sharper, it will look great!
  10. He says he can't train more the 270 units. Does it show 300/300 in the pop counter?
  11. Some units take more than one pop slot. I think the elephants cost 3 and cavalry 2.
  12. Looks really cool Although, I don't think palms trees were predominant in the Himalayas region
  13. Looks great! Very fluid and organic. One concern (besides the head banging) is the chest. Right now the muscles between the forelegs is static, but in actuality that muscle should be pulled toward the forward moving foot, though I don't know if you can do that with the current skeleton setup You've probably got 'Subsurf' on in the modifiers tab
  14. I didn't find StarCraft II all that great. It has some unique civs and all, but in my opinion things could have been done much better. The first StarCraft still shines for me though.
  15. I'd recommend the Blender Noob to Pro Wikibook if your relatively new to Blender Welcome to the forums btw!
  16. Feel free to make your suggestions to add to the list, I'm sure Michael/Enrique will take a look Most seem pretty good If you make some textures, that might give me some motivation to model one
  17. Of course it is official, but Micket isn't 'officially' in the team yet You are free to make a request to Micket or some one else in the art team, but I think at the moment, they're working on a little more important things. I wouldn't mind modelling some animals, but I haven't had the time these days... :/
  18. As you can see, Micket is not part of the team yet. He has just selected something fun for him to do and we don't want to restrict him in any way Great job, btw
  19. The addition of another building does not require much thought, or skill in programming, so anybody could do it, even me. Having some artists model the buildings required wouldn't take away from the work on the performance issue, since we can't do it anyway, so don't worry, this addition won't slow down progress on the performance problems
  20. Welcome! I'm sure someone will be willing to play multiplayer with you sometime For your profile pic, how about Hannibal, the Carthaginian hero?
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