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  1. Nope, I was talking about the upper part, same with the ballista. Try giving it a blue background, see if it stands out more? To fix the water, you could give a blue tint.
  2. Really good stuff This ship looks really good! But notice how the background and the color of the boat are almost the same. That's not good for visibility
  3. I rest my case. One cannot argue with you on this matter it would seem. I bow to your superior knowledge. Ave to you! Oh and here's a Latin quote for you: "volentes esse legis doctores non intellegentes neque quae loquuntur neque de quibus adfirmant."
  4. Hahahaha! Tell me this, where is Rome situated? Try and belittle me if you wish, its getting you nowhere. As I said before, give substance to you arguments.
  5. Oh, please. The Romans knew how to have a civilized argument. You expect me to give you sources, when you haven't done so yourself. Be specific. Give substance to your arguments. Learn from the people you look up to. And when did I not admit that Europe was primitive? That is the whole point of my argument. Europe had to start from scratch because of the barbarian invasions. Despite that, they overtook the middle east and the far east.
  6. I will ignore the complete scarcity of facts here. The Church has always held that Science and Religion, understood properly can never contradict each other, because they had the same author. This goes back to even before the middle ages, to the time of St Augustine! To say otherwise, would show how little one knows about anything of the Church. Where do you think these universities originated from? The middle ages, the age, which you say 'was against learning'. And, if you say that the Church is 'very much Roman' (a claim which apparently you know nothing about) then what's to say that the Church in 'trying to enforce what was legit', didn't inherit it from the Roman Empire?
  7. I think you are as confused as you are arrogant. Just a few posts back, you say Christianity had zero tolerance for 'science and learning' and now you admit that Gothic Architecture was a fruit of Christianity. Tell me, is architecture not part of learning? As you said before, the West was full of barbarians who burned all the knowledge and learning of the age before. So you explain yourself, where did they get 'the skills of masonry from?' And FYI, the Gothic Arch was a completely new discovery, one that neither Rome nor Romanesque architecture can account for. And thinking that just because Roman Catholicism has Roman in it, makes it part of ancient Rome (or its legacy) is not a very clever assumption. Its called Roman, because its head is in Rome and because of its Latin rite. I don't know, but I think you just destroyed your own credibility.
  8. We can't become too minimized either, there's a perfect balance between the two, and that's what we must try to achieve
  9. You should really try playing the game
  10. I don't think you understand why this topic was locked in the first place... but, besides that, this a very good example of biased opinion! Let the others decide who the barbarian is amongst us. Anyway, call me a barbarian if you wish. I'll gladly be one, if the credit for building the Gothic Cathedrals came to me
  11. What's your point in mentioning it then?
  12. As you wish, continue your discussion. I completely understand why you don't want to answer that question
  13. I see you have very nicely deluded yourself. Congratulations! So nothing I say will ever change your mind. No please, answer it, I want to hear it I want to know how you think the rest of the world was left behind with its superior knowledge while the West triumphed with its naked Germans
  14. So, you mean to say Christian Europe did not preserve knowledge? I see that you have not provided any sources either. And I also see that you are avoiding my more direct questions, with irrelevant ramblings. Answer these questions for me if you will. 1) You say Christendom was intolerant toward Science and Education. On what basis do you make such a claim? 2) If Christian Europe was so far behind in its knowledge, how did it come back on its feet AND overtake other cultures with its scientific breakthroughs in a much shorter period? 3) Do you claim that Christian Europe did not preserve knowledge? I do not contest the Islamic contributions to Science, they are many and laudable. You have not provided a single source for your information and yet you laugh at our 'source'? Yes, of course. I wasn't going into the details.
  15. You say Islam was tolerant? You didn't even answer any of my questions, I observe. Please read your history again. See why the crusades were fought (to gain back Jerusalem, because the Muslims were attacking the pilgrims that came to visit the holy sites...tolerant?) Islam got its knowledge, a good part of it, from ancient Greek and Roman writings (as we know Constantinople-Istanbul was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire), which the West did not have. The West did not have many manuscripts because they were burned by barbarian hordes when they were pillaging the areas. But still the West thrived. The barbarians were taught and formed modern day Europe, which then went on to conquer the world. If China, India, Istanbul etc. were such centers of learning, how in the world did the Europe overtake them? Like I said, read about the Carolingian Renaissance, educate yourself. No one but our misinformed friend here
  16. So it is. And I'm sure you will also agree that, if that's the case, the West sure got back on its feet in record time... I wonder why...? If the history of Science and Education of the West is just 800-500 years old (not counting the time before the 'Dark Ages'. That these ages were 'dark' is not a fact btw. See the Carolingian Renaissance and the High Middle Ages.), how did it come so far, in so little time, discovering things that the educated and age old East did not?
  17. So, you're saying that the Middle East was developed and educated for a longer time than the West, right?
  18. For some good ocean water, see Anno 1404. The water there is spectacular
  19. Give credit where credit is due
  20. We must also not forget the extensive part played by the monks of the Middle Ages in preserving culture after the fall of Rome. One could very well say that it was them who formed the West into the great super power we have today.
  21. Keep in mind that this is a game set in a pre-modern world, where beauty was more than 'less is more' We wouldn't want a Starcraft/Crysis like GUI for this
  22. Oh, and maybe the bottom 'scrolls' could point down, instead of up
  23. This. Is. Awesome!!! To quote leper: " " It's so elegant, it's so sauve, its just spectacular!
  24. Looking good The cape and the shield lack clarity, those designs on the shield won't be noticed when scaled down EDIT: Look at it scaled down, the shield and the cape are sharp enough The head gets lost though...
  25. I think that animation is actually the 'capture' animation intended for buildings, played a lot slower. Ideally, I would prefer if there was just a flash of light around the unit.
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