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  1. See how AOE3 does different pop limits with the native Americans, seems relevant. Also we can't make the dog pop indefinite, about 3-4 kennels should be enough.
  2. A player should be able to play how he wants. We only have to supply the methods of doing so. Whether he wants to build farms around his CC, he should be able to. We could discourage them for reality's sake, but we shouldn't forbid them. If a mayor wanted to build farms in his city, he very well could, even if it wasn't such a great idea.
  3. Anno 1404 has a really nice looking main menu background
  4. Or you can try your hand at the horse textures
  5. Welcome to the forums! Most of the things you ask are in the process of being developed. We do not, however plan to add campaigns or changes in buildings as age progresses for the first part, as it would take too much time and man power to do it. And of course, 0 A.D. will always remain free and open source
  6. Much better! Would it be too much to expect those units to be spawned at the 2nd rank?
  7. I was just wondering, the teacher ability sounds quite lame. Its not such a big bonus. How about Chanakya researches all the upgrades available at a certain time, when garrisoned in that building? It would be faster than researching them one at a time, but slower than just researching one
  8. I think, my friend, you need to re-read your history No scholar any longer believes that stuff about the dark age, instead the use the word Christendom. If you read the Catholic fathers you'll see that Catholicism had to fight against a lot of Roman beliefs and other pagan ideas. Once you do this, you will also see that the basic Catholic beliefs then, are the same basic Catholic beliefs now. And Catholicism took a lot from all cultures, not just Roman. Philosophy from the Greeks, the Bible from the Jews and other things from different cultures as the ages progressed, which is why it is called what it is. Catholic means universal, hence it spread across all cultures, yet it doctrine is the same everywhere. Before attacking a living religion, you might just want to get the real facts from it, instead of repeating some age old hate speech (which is both heinous and outdated) Also as a reply to everything else you said, Roman invented very little new things if you go to compare it all, but what it did was it took all the good things from all the other civilizations and spread them abroad, unlike the Greeks, who imposed their culture on the people they conquered. I'm not on the Roman side here, I just wanted to point it out to balance the bias The whole "Rome is superior" mentality has originated from the Renaissance and we should very careful from anything that comes from that time, because, frankly speaking, the Renaissance was very biased in this area.
  9. Agreed. But they would also span to a myriad of things, like special building bonuses female citizen bonuses etc, making a lot more distinction between civs. Doesn't matter when they come though, I just thought that it was something that we easily forget about, so I mentioned it
  10. We keep forgetting hero auras That itself would add a lot to game play What about the art scene?
  11. Pity It looks pretty good too...
  12. The waist should bulge as well Right now she looks like the genie from Aladin
  13. I was just checking that out actually Its out of my budget unfortunately But, the plain GTX 650 Ti also seems good. EDIT: Sorry, was wrong. Its the same price as 7770
  14. Hmmm...These benchmarks show that 6850 is the best: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/539?vs=541 http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/536?vs=539
  15. Somebody should see this I can't do any importing, I'm not on my regular PC (which is dumped, gonna buy a new one )
  16. Hey guys, I'm building my own PC and I'm stuck on which GPU you to get. Should I get the Asus HD 7770, or the HD 6850 or the Asus GTX 550Ti? Over here the 7770 and 6850 is almost the same price, while the 550Ti is about 10-15% less. Any help is welcome
  17. I think we should move this topic into its own "design" thread. Design team, please take the necessary steps
  18. For the time being that seems like a good idea. But in the future I'd like it to work in one of two ways. Either have a bonus (gathering bonus so that the worker can carry twice as much grain in one go or something) or a build radius around the farmstead. For the record, I like the farmland idea...
  19. So we can have different sounds for different units? Say a special sound for heroes being attacked?
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