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  1. Crtl+W -> Merge Verts. You have to have the vertices selected first though
  2. You don't have to finish it in a day, you know I played a game once that lasted a month
  3. That would be similar to how 'special attacks' worked in AOM.
  4. I think it looks quite good, and in some ways better than 0 AD The water especially and the cloth physics too
  5. If you like that kinda stuff, I'd suggest you try Anno 1404
  6. Good sir, did you come here to pick up a fight or make a point? Because you're doing neither effectively. Your comments have no substance in it. Instead of offering some constructive criticism, you keep insulting us! As if that would help with anything. Please revise your attitude and your arguments before making your next post.
  7. I think we should put the move to Git on the agenda
  8. Ah, this is new kingdom Egyptian I believe. But in the references you've shown, we see the same basic principles. Except for the legs, everything else applies Your hand wouldn't be that way, its too organic. Egyptian sculpture is more rigid. The waist is a lot thinner, but that may be only that particular one.
  9. Look at this. We see that the arm is not folded in, the head is tilted high and the foot has a bend
  10. When the formation reaches its destination, it automatically changes to the formation it was before
  11. Can't we somehow combine 'trample' with auras? Seems like it could be just another aura with a damage property or something.
  12. But then, what world are you talking about? The same world that influenced the Romans, were, in turn influenced by them I admit that Rome did a good job at spreading that knowledge and incorporating different things from different civilizations. But remove just one civilization from the world and history would turn out differently.
  13. It would help if you were a bit more polite. Right now, Alpha, Michael and the others have all been pretty open with you and have been very straight forward, yet have been very soft spoken and kind. I know how hard it is to be polite to someone who is just the opposite, so unless you're trying to purposely provoke us I'd suggest you make your points with as little sarcasm as you can and respect the people on this forum as well as yourself. Also, if you wanted to win a game, which faction would you choose right now? I've seen people win with even the Iberian faction. Can you explain why you think the civs are unbalanced at the moment and which ones? That would help a lot more than snide remarks
  14. I would like to try my hand at some animations when my holidays start. If Zaggy rigs it, then I'd love to give it a try
  15. Also, I think we'll be restricting the Embassies to only one per player at a given time, right?
  16. made a few changes here. Basically I didn't like the colours there, the yellow was more on the green side and the blue looked too...playful? IDK but it didn't suit the mood Here I'm only talking about the ornaments, not the skin(though I think its a tad bit too 'white').
  17. Yeah, decrease the saturation a bit and I think it'll be fine
  18. The Jews had only one massive Temple. It should be a wonder and be almost indestructible i.e. having high HP
  19. There is much truth in most of what you said. But Rome's power was in its inclusivity. It adapted and adopted and then built upon such foundations. But I don't think 'influence' can be calculated or even judged as there are a lot of factors we don't know and some we can't know at all. We can say the American culture has influenced much of the West today, but where did they get their culture? The list goes on. Rome wasn't the only civilized nation then, but it surely was the most powerful at its peak. But then again, Rome was influenced by the Greeks, so then why can't we say it was the Greeks that were the most influential?
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