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  1. I disagree. I think since the stronger ships use up more space than the lower ones, it will not be that hard to distinguish, especially if they're color scheme differs slightly
  2. Whoa! I really like this last one However in the previous one, the horse's head is too big (even for a close up).
  3. Solid wheels don't seem historically accurate...
  4. Yeah, looks good We could also put some player colour on the Zebus, like a collar or something I think the wood could be a little more red, just to reflect the kinda wood we get in India @Enrique: What about the poly count?
  5. Well, I think the armour and the skin could use a little more work, even when scaled down
  6. Is it intended to have a rough unfinished look?
  7. Looks really good But I would add some more detail to the horse...maybe some noise for the hide? Looks to flat as it is
  8. Hmm...ropes sound good. But metal should be minimal. What you have now is ideal
  9. Great direction! Keep it coming I'm assuming the black stuff is player color?
  10. Lol, the eye has come out too big and is rotated at an angle Maybe try looking at some real horse pictures to get an idea of where the eye's sposed to be? Here are just a few quick corrections I made. The hand shows where the thumb's is supposed to be (try hold something like that in your hand and you'll see). And I made some changes to the mouth. Looks kinda weird with it open like that Also I tried to place the eye in the right place...but I'm far from it it would seem Here's a good reference for the face(of the horse), just flip it and its good I think http://3.bp.blogspot.../horses_003.jpg
  11. I watched the video and it seems they are planning formations...
  12. Looks pretty good actually, just get rid of the horse's funny look eyes and your good to go And the soldier's hand could use some better molding. Besides that, the thumb should come over the fingers, probably somewhere in between and above the middle two fingers
  13. I don't think faces are actually that necessary. I think what you have is quite good, but perhaps a closer shot would be better? Your rim lighting is getting better, but I don't think it should be a pure white color. I believe a lighter shade of whatever colour would look better. Maybe try and overlay of white?
  14. We need cliffs! Great job Enrique, this looks spectacular
  15. Its looking great The wheels should most definitely be spoked. Keep it up
  16. Sorry, the file's on my laptop and that's gone for repairs @Enrique: Could you upload the texture and the model for paperkat?
  17. I was going to, but seeing as I'm caught up with college work, go ahead
  18. I'd rather not do it Don't know how to work with IK controllers or whatever
  19. Should the cart be covered? I was planning on making it pretty simple, until I saw references with roofs and stuff...
  20. Oh, I see, so they have trouble with too many shades of the same color, is that it?
  21. How would a color blind person know what blue is if he hasn't seen it? His 'blue' would be conditioned by our blue right? So it would correspond to the same color... Unless of course, he wasn't born colorblind and knows what blue looks like
  22. Thanks No, its not rigged. I could try it, but I don't know the requirements on how the skeleton is supposed to be. Though I guess I could import one of Zaggy's models and work from there.
  23. Thanks guys Maybe I could try my hand at the tiger, but my exams are coming up this month (or early next, our college is strangely vague about this), but I'll surely give it a try after that About the horse texture, Its already mapped, so that's half the work done, I'm not sure how to show variations and stuff. Like color, spots etc. I guess I'll have to find a white/beige color and start from there... just thinking out loud
  24. Committed EDIT: There are some problems with the shading... it seems like the smoothing groups aren't enabled, though I did smooth it in Blender.
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