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  1. LTO build fails (gcc 4.8.0 here, 4.8.1 not in the repositories yet). Without -flto option I can build successfully but dont get much improvement over the binary release.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer. I'll experiment a little.
  3. Hi, I want to know if it's possible to set my CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS when compiling the game from svn, so that I can test possible performance gains with -Ofast and -flto (Link Time Optimizations) options. There's is no configure script for that, so can just I do the same way with update_workspaces script ? Like this: CXXFLAGS="-DNDEBUG -Ofast -flto -march=native -mtune=core2 -msse -msse2" LDFLAGS="-DNDEBUG -Ofast -flto -march=native -mtune=core2 -msse -msse2" ./update-workspaces.sh Sorry for possible bad english and thanks in advice.
  4. From the last development blog post of Planetary Annihilation, a Kickstarter RTS game I helped to fund. Starting at 24:25, they begin talking about how navigation is done in the game, and explain something about Flow Fields as a solution for pathfinding of great number of units and formations. As it looks like a new concept, I thought it could be a good idea to show it here. Is there some 0ad developer who is already aware of this technique ? Could it help 0ad pathfinder implementation somehow ? English is not my native language, so sorry, I couldn't understand all of the video talking, and maybe couldn't explain my intentions really well too. However, the guys in the video seemed open to answer more tech questions from interested people, so maybe they could provide you some info. There's a forum thread for discussion here: http://forums.uberent.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=44788&start=30
  5. For me it's Catalyst 11.6 that's being used....
  6. This happens to me as well, on the same OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bits, with Turion II dual-core CPU and HD 5650M Mobile Graphics Card
  7. I know that this topic didn't have much feedback, but, I was looking at other RTS projects, like Glest Advanced Engine (GAE) and Megaglest (both forks of the no longer mantained RTS game Glest), and I want to ask to someone with more knowledge about this.... How much 0 A.D. and Glest engines have in common, not necessarily in the code structure, but in the goals and objectives ? I know that both use C++, scripting languages (Javascript and Lua) and XML files, but, aside that, there is possibility for 0 A.D. and that projects to share information ? For example: I suppose, at the current state, you have better pathfinding and they have better AI, it'll be interesting if each game could improve by taking ideas from the other. I can't really propose anything, you know.... but I'm just wondering how possible is to open-source RTS games have this kind of integration.... Ps.: Sorry if I write bad, my English is too basic...
  8. I think that's great performance improvement. And, am I right to think that, since you are at alpha version, the game still has a lot of debug code slowing things down, and, when this are removed, the game will speed up a little more ?
  9. So.... I know every civ has its own properties, but, each one of them needs completely different code ? It's not just a matter of duplicating the classes, variables, structures, etc already used for greeks and celts ? Again, I'm not trying to put pressure into anyone, only want to know better how the game will work....
  10. Hi. First, I want to say I'm not trying to force or demand anything.... it's just curiosity. Just wanting to understand why the remaining civilizations are not included into the alphas yet, even if there are a good number of relatively old screenshots showing their buildings and units (well, there's the "We are Legion" demo in the game, but while it shows legionaries, the screens shows triarius, principes and hastarius) Anyways, i think this is because the models for this civs still don't look like the devs want it to look (even if units/buildings already look awesome), and they don't want to trow into the game a lot of data that will be changed later. Am I right guessing that ? I say that because I'm starting to learn modeling with Blender 2.5, and want to contribute someday (when I'm a little better and Collada import/export works well.... will be dificult to re-learn blender with the old 2.49 interface), but I became lost trying to know what still is really needed to be done for the game.... Well, sorry for bad english, thanks for the attention and congratulations for the devs for their great job
  11. I still play it..... that's my favorite game of the style (AoE like).... well, until 0 A.D. final release
  12. Yeah, I think what I wrote was a bit confusing..... what I mean is that EB2 is an Classical Age mod for M2TW, or something like that.... anyways, I hope there are more EB enthusiasts like you here
  13. Hi, I'm new in this forum and, from the beginning, I ask you to forgive me if my English is not very good... Anyways, I was wondering if 0 A.D. devs knows another game projects that aims too for historycal accuracy of the same period, with that they can share material and info.... because I found one thar I consider very promising: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=454 It's not a game made from scratch, but a Medieval II Total War mod who brings back the civilizations of Rome Total War, but with much more detail and research about each faction, from what I could see.... I don't know if this help in something. I guess that making contact with this mod developers will add at least a second opinion about what is planned for 0 A.D., once the 2 projects share some objectives Well.... also, I want to say that 0 A.D. is the best open source game I had ever seen, and I hope it becomes a great success someday
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