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  1. Well, I think we should follow the relief here...why did we decide for the stone/wood combination?
  2. I can only see the mesh in wireframe mode...nothing happens when I change it to solid. :/
  3. I am from India and I know that But the sarees of ancient India are different in that, it was just a long cloth, wrapped around the waist and over the shoulder without the chest piece.
  4. C'mon, they're not that dark Their not 'white' but their quite fair Ah well, I don't mind how it is in game. Just wanted to make a point
  5. They may be the same people, but the obviously do not reside in the same geographical locale. The reason why you cannot tell the difference is because of many different factors, one of them being geographical (if they live in the same place, then its likely they'll develop similar skin tone), the other being marriages between these different people. I'm sure there are many other factors. Just look at people from Assam, they're as fair as Europeans! And the north east has seen little migration, so we can see that people there are pure locals
  6. I think the female worker in AOE3 is accurate for that time period. Before that, I believe the women wore saris, with the cloth covering their chests. What they have on now is like a knee length skirt...which I don't think is accurate...
  7. I can verify most of what AKC is saying. North Indians are fairer than South Indians, due to it being a less tropical locale but I'm not sure if they are as fair as Europeans etc. I think the women's skirt could be longer though.
  8. Ah, if its for a hero, then fine So I guess there'll be another howdah for the normal units then?
  9. I think I agree with serveurix here, but I suggested you keep it as a special unit Why don't you have a look at the Hannibal model in game? Also, soldiers wouldn't have umbrellas, that's a sign of royalty and wealth etc.
  10. This is looking great! Keep up the good work A few critiques, the house on the back could use some more work, right now it looks too plain, I'm talking about the mesh, not the texture Also the masts seem to have some kind of support at the base...looks like a rectangular shaped rock attached to it with wood. For barrels and crates you can try importing some already in game to save you the trouble Looking forward to this
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Zebus are mostly white (at least every one I've seen is that colour). Also, I've noticed that the horns are sometimes painted red. I believe this is some form of Hindu 'consecration' of the animal or something. Maybe lilstewie will know better.
  12. Hmm...its very different in style from that yellow flourish thing, though similar in shape I guess...
  13. I guess it is But the neck still has the dip Like so (mine's a bit exaggerated):
  14. Its looking good But I think now the hump and the ears are too big. Notice in the pictures how the top of the skull is almost at the same height of the hump with the neck dipping in the center. That and the flab suggested by lilstewie will make it complete
  15. That yellow flourish work is not very Mauryan IMO :/
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