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  1. Haha, that would be terrible, but at the same time, why not? Must have happened so many times throughout history! I can see the problem of some people wanting things simple all over the forums, also people who don't want to take the project any further than a clone of AOK, which sort of baffles me to be honest!
  2. Yeah, I think it just makes sense, it could also lead to some interesting playstyles, ie. one player collecting resources and giving to their ally in exchange for units. I think the economic side of the game needs lots and lots of improvement and development...
  3. Just read through this thread and have a few comments... Firstly, RE: Food resources, I think what would be the best is to have a huge variety of food resources available, all with different advantages and disadvantages, as well as suiting different players and their playstyles, ie. I really like micromanagement so something along the lines of complex farming, farmland and maybe an introduction of irrigation would suit me very much, HOWEVER, other people seem to much prefer an easier, simpler option, that means they can just run off with their armies and KILL KILL KILL! I don't think there's a right or wrong option or playstyle, people should be able to play how they like, and I think this is a great project to give people that opportunity. I really like the idea of a development of fruit and maybe orchards, one idea I had while reading all the above conversation was fruit trees/bushes will regenerate if placed inside an orchard, a player designated area, the idea being that the workers in the orchard "maintain" the trees, (I mean this as more of an explaination/excuse for the unlimited food resource, rather than something that would necessarily be visible.) I think the idea of "farmland" is a great potential limiting factor for farms, especially seeing as they are becoming unlimited. The way I imagine it the farmland would be a lot more relevant in a desert map, where we only see grass around water, whereas in a more temperate map there is plenty of farmland, but maybe a further limiting factor could be introduced here?... Another idea I have is RE: Animals respawning, why not have the animals "breed", so we have a herd of deer, who wander around together and every now and then offspring are produced. It's what happens in the real world, and is a simple solution to the problem of the resource diminishing. It may lead to players having to think a lot more when they are about to wipe out the entire population of deer (or whatever other animal), possibly leading to more micro-gameplay but we can just come up with ways to make that more optional. After writing all that I think I've forgotten a load of stuff, but I can just add it later if it comes back!!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and am very keen to contribute somehow to the project. I'm quite interested in designing models for buildings but have very little knowledge of 3D modelling, although I am a very quick learner and I'm very enthusiastic about all this! Can anyone point me in the right direction? Maybe some decent tutorials or stuff to read? I already have Blender, not used it yet though.
  5. The reason I came up with the idea was I was finding the amount of a resource I had at a particular time wasn't necessarily relevant, for example if I had just built something and used up a load of the resources I had. I think it would be particularly useful to someone focusing more on economic aspects of the game. What do you mean by making the game too easy? I would say it just make some information more available to the player. Thank you for the welcome. This is such a brilliant and inspirational project, I really want to help out!!
  6. As far as I know this hasn't been suggested yet...statistics! Specifically, for resources ie: "Food - "5 workers" -"2 fields" - collection rate (ie. units per minute)"This would be very useful when building or training units, you could look to see how long it will take to save up resources to build or train and allocate more workers to speed this up, also just generally manage your workers to be more effecient. It could also show off the game and game engine, giving an insight into it's calculations etc. The statistics could be shown in a tooltip or pop-up window What does everyone think?
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