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  1. Yeah sure Spartans are very fearsome, but the Athenians aren`t that great, are they?
  2. why is the Silver Shield better as the Gold Shield pikeman? it sounds a bit weird
  3. The Thebans, when they come in the game?In Alpha? In Beta? You can see them by the civilsation info, but they aren't available in the game.
  4. I get this message afer some minutes: Error: connection closed after several requests failed.I have this by all IRC Channels
  5. Nice idea.I`m going to search for it
  6. I´m fascinated of this very nice game, and I play this at least each day. I like this game very well and I hope this game is going to be much more popular than Age of Empires.(I like that to). My favorite civilizations are Carthage and Macedon. Can I have a multiplayer game with someone? I’ve problems with the IRC, I thought, maybe try it here.\ I am Dutch and I don’t speak very good English. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I don't know a profile photo , do you know one for me? I've got the Vergina Sun, the symbol of the Macedonians.
  7. The Iberian fireship is nice to attack enemy ships. But it can't attack the enemy docks. It's strange you can attack ships but no docks
  8. The Mauryan Elephant is stronger as the Carthaginian Elephant, but I think it's not correct. Because the Mauryans use Asian elephants and the Carthaginians use African Elephants. The African elephant is bigger,and I think also stronger. I hope this is going to be changed
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