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  1. Well, to be more realistic: TLA (but no restrictions) But my dream game would be a FPS, would need to handle and be clear and fit like Halo's interface/setting but in modern day urban settings, scratch that: exact simulations of real cities. New York, all of it. It would handle sort of like GTA3, you're in the underground world of crime. Cars, realistic crashes (a car is not a single model, but a collection of models, each part of the car (tire, exaust pipe, hand brake...etc is a single model) and when you crash the engine realistically applies force/impact to each model and each has a set strength to tell if it breaks and flies off or not. The story would be choice, everything you do affects the game (I know, the common idea these days but I haven't seen it fully implemented). I mean, if you need money you can rob a bank (there'd be hundreads of ways of doing that), mug random ppl (tens of ways), work (every real life job, though not all avaiable at once). The other feature, the real selling feature (and impossible as well) is AI. I would want an AI, which you could sit down, type a message with the keyboard, the AI would understand it and reply. Every door can be entered, if locked it can be forced, if too hard it can be blown up. The story would begin with a simple life in crime, then it would escalate to some type of conspiracy (story not developed, yet). And this game would not be held back by ethical issues: profanity where appropriate, nudity where appropriate (not porno, but like a R rated movie...), violence and drug use where appropriate. Basically, if it fits there, it's there. Ummm, good to dream eh?
  2. It's TBS with RTS features just like War3 is RTS with RPG features (but trust me, it's strong point is in TBS)
  3. Thanks, what was the typo (so I can try to remember next time)
  4. I voted for FPS Stuff like Halo, Max Payne 2 (read below), Half-Life... I see FPS not as the name implies but more open to Action where you play through the leading role. The camera can be 3rd person, but as long as you play it as a FPS, it'll be a FPS. I find genre catagories to be inapropriate as they currently exist (and have yet to create a better system) because for example, I see Max Payne 2 as a FPS but not Grand Theft Auto... I think, to be a FPS you need to identify with the character and play his/her role and of course there needs to be shooting.
  5. EXAMPLES: Adventure - Siberia, Giants: Citizen Kabuko Arcade - PacMan, Tetris Competition - Soul Calibur, Need for Speed FPS - Half-Life, Halo MMO - EverQuest, PlanetSide RPG - Morrowind, Final Fantasy RTS - StarCraft, Age of Empires Simulation - Sim City 4, Flight Simulator Sports - Madden 2001, NBA Shootout TBS - Total War, Lord of the Realms If you could as well when you vote, 1.) Name which you voted for 2.) Give what you consider to be the best examples 3.) Give a short description of what defines the genre in your opinion
  6. I consider LotR drama, I think of drama as incorporating many other genres... actually, not really sure what makes a movie a drama movie. But if Gladiator/Braveheart/LotR is drama that drama is my vote.
  7. Well, one thing that pisses me off is when ppl who have the right of way don't use it, instead they mention for you to go. 1.) I can't easily see if you're mentioning for me to go. 2.) Not everyone is as nice and let's me go, and it confuses me. 3.) Just follow the freaking rules! Oh, btw... try following someone around. I sometimes tag ppl, just follow them down a few turns and soon they'll start acting weird. I actually at one point spent close to 10 minutes following this guy around Wal-Mart going into parking lots and out, all trying to lose me
  8. Ok, the cool thing about LAN parties is that it's no some stranger your just wounded then walked up to him and shot him in the head, you don't need to type... You can actually say "I'd reinforce your westward base, got a giant army coming" then attack from the east! That's the fun of LAN parties, not the faster connection (though I'm not complaining)
  9. Didn't he die/be destroyed three times? (well, one he self-deleted himself, the other was a nuke right - this is T3 knwoledge so it's a bit fuzzy- but I definently know he was squished at least one.) And don't the X-men fight those giant androids/robots in the cartoons?
  10. Every other week, I could probably have one every week, I have a group of friends who play like every weekend but their computers are way lower than mine and can't handle the games I truly wanna play (Halo, WarCraft, AoM) but about every other week, or every three weeks I go to a friend's house (1-1.5 hour from here) and play against him and my brother on his spare computer, and good games!
  11. WarCraft III currently, but it used to be StarCraft/AoK. I also have just gotten over a Halo junkie moment, and this summer I was lost in PlanetSide. Savage had it's moment beginning of this fall, but through out the year since it came out War3 has been the champion... so far.
  12. I'm addicted to Coke (coca-cola) and about the only thing I collect is Games... I realized I was a collector when I went out and bought WarCraft II just because I had lost my old WarCraft II (I hadn't played it in 1-2 years) and in 2002 I bought Age of Empires because it was the predecessor to AoK, haven't played it since I bought it but I have it... Then a month ago I bought Alice and ____ forgot the name, but one that used the Doom technology and was in the same package as Alice! Can't find it, my room's a mess, but I bought it because it was called the best level design of any game, so I needed to try it out (haven't yet).
  13. Ok, this was REALLY REALLY REALLY hard for me... Russell Crowe, an extremely talented actors, Gladiator/Beautiful Mind/Master&Commander but I don't quite like him for some reason. Viggo Mortensen did an fabulous job with LotR but I haven't had much knowledge of him outside of that so I gotta go with Crowe (he is a better actor) Vin Diesel is actually pretty cool, even though I did see XXX, just pretend you never did... works for me. Let's hope Hannibal is better.
  14. School - having a perfect (or near) record of grades, being the best student. Work - Money, just a method to pay for life. Net - Getting closer to having a finished project.
  15. I might actually take a portable DVD player, LotR theatrical and EE versions, and show them to Mr. Tolkien to get his input. This is assuming that I CAN do anything back in time without affecting the present (otherwise I wouldn't)
  16. Theoden's sword! Beautiful peice of art! Do you know if they are selling copies of it?
  17. Nothing, I'm happy with where I am. But I might just watch my life earlier, you know, remember stuff. That could be fun, once I'm bored I'd come back to the present.
  18. I'm not scared of grades, don't even study for test and get As or above. I'm not scared of choosing a career, for now it's Game Design and Writing. I'm not scared of AI machines, that might actually lead to cool Matrix moves! I'm not scared of the downfall of society, if they go down then I will appear to go up! I guess the things I'm afraid of (that come to mind) is death (yea, I'm scared of it... or rather the form of death, say I drown ) and not accomplishing what I want to (make games, write novels, direct a movie maybe and destroy every gun in the world, sending ppl back to axes and swords) oh, and of Return of the Ring sucking.
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