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  1. LOL! My boss won't kill me too much for mischeduling a meeting, I hope!
  2. Digital crimes often need special laws applied to them. Otherwise, Napster would've been very easy to sue and prosecute. But, as you probably know, it was an arduous and emotional affair, with one prosecuter saying "we made it up as we went along". Anyway.. I doubt the governer had anything real to do this, other than attempting to take credit for something in order to save himself from a 40 percent approval rating.
  3. Welcome to the team, Nicolai! With that sort of credentials, I can't help but be excited to see what you can do!
  4. I even remember being interviewed for something once before I actually joined up, and the crier never got posted! Lol. I guess we're a bit behind on these.
  5. A noteable mini-article, I think.. Perhaps this is why Italian is actually less like Latin than French? I'll do some research soon. Ephestion, perhaps you should cite some sources for your position. Not that I'm questioning the veracity of it, as I myself haven't quite looked into it enough yet to know.
  6. AIs fighting sounds like a virtual Battlebots. But that would be really cool to see, I think.
  7. But, at the same time, that would make the gameplay choppy. I'd prefer about two seconds, because five seconds is really a long time during RTS battles.
  8. I made two, but because I realized that I could mark my exact house only after I placed the first one. The one under "Cory" is my exact home, down to the pool and roof color. It was remarkably hard to find, considering that I didn't think to use the "hybrid", and had to do it all by the highway system and what I thought the roof of landmark buildings would look like.
  9. It would probably require a recording studio to have a ring of panoramic cameras around all sides.. possible, but definately expensive.
  10. Rate of attack will most likely not go down as the units take damage. One may think that this is a bit unrealistic, but then again, so is a soldier taking a dozen arrows hits.
  11. The new texture set looks absolutely amazing!
  12. The main negative effect of randomization of statistics would be this: a "lucky" player could end up with a series of strong or well-hitpointed units, while a more unfortunate opponent would end up with increased values in speed or other lesser statistics. Perhaps if there could be percentage limits on it, it might work. But for random maps, it could make units of too unreliable or unpredictable strength for fair play for all players. I think it'd be a really cool idea, though, if it could be implemented. Keep the ideas coming, Stevo. We love to see new people with new ideas to add into the game! When it comes to units with titles, remember that you'll have actual Hero units to build!
  13. It's about reputation and professionalism, I fear. You could mod those in, you know. Maybe we should just have a "make-you-own-cheat" trigger?
  14. Despite my name, I'm only around a quarter Irish. If given the choice, I would've put Germanics, since the rest of me is German in heritage.
  15. I've TiVoed and watched all of them. The lack of any historical accuracy, especially in the later episodes, makes me cringe a little; but to have any show regarding Ancient Rome on network TV is cool enough to allow me to like the show.
  16. Starcraft. That's all I have to say.
  17. Let me be the first to welcome you to Wildfire Games! Hope you have fun, and I hope you enjoy the games when they're released!
  18. Lol. Bobby and I haven't seen rain in months! Since those big storms, I think. What with the three inches at once. I guess "big" is relative...
  19. They're people.. But they're famous. I'd just be myself for a day. Internationally known, and locally respected. Or...actually. I might want to be.. the President? I realize he's not a celebrity proper. But it works.
  20. I have a fashionisto side. So Anchor Blue, Vans, Pac*Sun. Those sorts of stores.
  21. I'm reading "A Time-Life History of: WWII" Very deep book, but still readable. Only about 1000 pages.
  22. You could use them as such. Place a group of high-experience solidery in with a Hero, and make a control group. Or, like Ken suggested, just use the "guard" command on the Hero, using a bunch of highly-experienced units.
  23. Nope. Jason did it. It's back en vogue, homie.
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