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  1. Lol. My friends and I used to always say "Happy Birthday" whenever we'd do stuff for eachother.
  2. Lol. TLA will be much more easy game to create mythological mods. Mix the texture groups from the two, you could end up with a AoMII.
  3. I would've voted for them, but the Romans are my first love.
  4. All right, capt'n. I'll hit Judaism and Greco-Roman first, because those are easier. I'm actually enjoying a social life right now (for once in my life), so I'll do the simpler ones, hoping that the social life will wear out in time to allow for some research.
  5. The car I realistically want is a '95 VW Jetta. I just love Volkswagens. Like BMWs, but cheaper. I think the Europeans just don't make good looking SUVs and trucks, or something. They have a lot of sweet looking coupes and sedans, though. EDIT: I forgot to add what my car is: a grey '91 Mazda 626.
  6. Of course, be very sure not to come clearly down on one side of the religious debate or the other. It could end poorly if we offended half of our potential audience by putting something that creates dissention on our front page.
  7. If you're considering a bit of freelance writing (like I did before I was fortunate to be an official historian), the guy you want to send your article to is Paul (Paal_101), our head historian. He'll tell you if we need an essay on a topic, and what not. Once you'll done, he may have some corrections or pointers, but if you've done the essay properly (ask Paul for our rules on research and plagiarism), he should have no problem posting it. Good luck!
  8. That concept both excites and disturbs me, Michael. ;p Seriously... the world of the ancients was a very varied and artistic one: many cultures used art as a function in pleasing the gods. Now wonder they tried so hard, eh? Shields and other forms of equipment (especially among barbarians) were seen as more than just gear for killing and avoiding being killed. They were seen more as avatars of one's heritage and religion, of honor and nobility. The idea of uniform equipment would probably have made many Celtic peoples uneasy, to say the least.
  9. There's a lot of history in alleys...while the tenants, roads, and even some buildings might change, very times do people wish to expend the effort to fix up an alley. In Rome, I hear, there are a lot of small, winding alleyways that have existed for centuries.
  10. Roma Victor! Paul and I will have to have a good ol' fashioned civil war for one of our first games. Rome really seems to be ahead, but only time will tell!
  11. That's Argalius, our local fault-finder. Yeah, dudes! Welcome to the team. Those are some pretty impressive credentials: I can't wait to see what you two can do!
  12. Those guys who actually do the serious work of the project (unlike myself) are amazing. Both in talent and in work ethic. Serious props, yo'.
  13. I'm reading "Ancient Greek Civilization". It's thoroughly modern book (2004). The check-out lady's comment was that I was the first one to check it out. It was very thrilling, I promise you. I'm just now getting to the good part with Athens and Sparta, so I'm happy.
  14. Wow...She's...quite large. You're wearing a nice dress though, David. My "significant other" is moving to Northern California this summer. (nearly 800 miles away, for those of you uninitiated in the height of Cali). She's really cute. And blah di blah [insert sickening sweet stuff].
  15. Here's a word that you have probably heard, but couldn't use in a sentence: "Antidisestablishmentarianism". It means, in my words, someone who is against the disestablishment movement, which stated that there should be a seperation between church and state. Here are a couple ways you could use it (it really impresses professors): "Both Voltaire and Thomas Jefferson stood staunch against the attacks of antidisestablishmentarianism on their beliefs." "Many of the newly reelected President's Evangelical supporters are antidisestablishmentarianists".
  16. It should be a rule or something that you can't change your avatar at random. I don't even think of a lot of people's screennames. If Paul didn't have his legionaries, I'd be horribly disoriented for the rest of the year, for example.
  17. All sorts of controversial events in history: 28 A.D - To see whether Jesus of Nazarene's teachings were transcribed correctly 1770 A.D - Boston Massacre (who started it?) 1774 A.D - Battle of Lexington and Concord (who fired the shot heard round the world?) 1945 A.D. - Try to follow General George S. Patton's idea of stopping Soviets while we alone have the bomb (yes, there will be objections, but blah)
  18. Not so much huge compared to modern examples of huge armies. However, I can assure you that if the pop limit can reasonably be increased without damaging much, then it will be done. The abandonment idea does sound very fun, though. I sort of like it. My only complaint with it is that, historically, towers and forts were simply almost never left abandoned. At the very least, a small garrison of low quality troops would always remain in there. Pretty much the only way that a fort would have no garrison inside would be A) to repel a siege or attack, if the garrison was summarily wiped out, and then the fort was burnt out and abandoned (Hun-style), or C) if their design and purpose was to be a stop-gap measure. I'm trying to think of other examples, but those seem to be the key. Finally... wouldn't any player with any level of experience simply destroy fortresses and towers before they can be taken? This could be remedied with a RoN-style "raze timer", I suppose. However, if a player could be caught off-guard (if they had just built a tower in an "offensive" matter, and hadn't quite garrisoned it, yet) or if they could be distracted (attack them from one flank to get all of their forces ungarrisoned to stop you, and then grab their towers and retreat your first attack), it could be an effective, clever tool, if only a little cheap.
  19. Argalius doesn't practice Argalianism for his own reputation: he practices it for the sake of correcting things.
  20. That is an excellent idea. For the Imperial Romans, that would even be quite historical. However, usage for most other civilizations would be difficult to levy with historical data. This may be a case of playability over history.
  21. Oh. Lol. I didn't even notice that. It's okay, I guess, because I have the little logo thing now. People won't think I'm bushy-tailed. Edit: By the way. I had 22,093 posts beforehand. I want those back.
  22. That sounds incredibly difficult, unfortunately. It would take a team larger and even more dedicated than this one. I wish you the best of luck, thought, because it would be awesome.
  23. The value of formations must be large to maintain historical accuracy. If they're weakened (as in AoK), then it ignores the entire purpose of organized combat. The legions work as well as the phalanx, but quicker. All units are not given proper historical roles, but are only charged in massed groups to counter.
  24. That's possible without much effort, too have damage carry over like that. Think of the Scorpion from AoK. I think this entire conversation has been done before, but earlier in this very topic, as Dnas pointed out. Boulder and rock attacks are most useful as a shock weapon, as rocks can only roll over a few people before they can dash out of the way. As a shock weapon, rocks could disrupt formation (which, as I'm told, will have an inherent advantage), perhaps damage a few key units, if you're lucky, and maybe lower the morale of the troops. The last one most likely won't be possible in the first release, and the other two would only lead to chaos and difficulty of play. Also, historically, employing rocks and such weapons required a great deal of effort and preplanning, both of which would, if properly implemented in 0 A.D. (as Paul would assure), involve such intense micromanagement that the relatively small benefits would leave a weakened defense.
  25. When I first saw it, all I thought was "those poor Lord of the Rings purists". And then I thought, "Oh. That actually does suck". And then I saw the date. It's an interesting (and relatively easy, I would think) idea for a mod, nonetheless.
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