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  1. Hey guys, The game's looking absolutely fabulous. The screenshots just keep getting better and better, and I can only assume that with such talented people behind the wheel that the gameplay's been following the same course. Seriously, you guys don't get enough credit What major hurdles are left anyways? I've kind of lost track ever since I lost lurking access to the technical areas several months ago ;( Cheers, Ben
  2. I have a penchant for Subspace, one of the first massively-multiplayer games released (1997) but with a thriving community today. Think of it as asteroids online. It's a good game to login and play for 20 minutes here and there.
  3. Alright, for a bit of seriousness... Anyone remember The Incredible Machine, a puzzle game put out by Sierra some 10 years ago? I'd love to give that game a 3D makeover some day. I'd also have to agree with Matei.
  4. I guess you guys don't watch much of the Simpsons, do you? That's a joke I ripped from the show, during the episode where Skinner gets fired as principal of the elementary shcool. Humour guys, really
  5. Write the great american novel. Mine's about a theme park island where scientists have brought pre-historic dinosaurs back to life using genetic engineering, but things go horribly wrong. I call it, "Johnny and the Clonasaurus."
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