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  1. I think the statue on top is not needed (it is a mill after all, not a temple). If the donkey could be animated to slowly turn around, it would be very cool (and less static).
  2. Maybe some inspiration can be taken from the reconstructed ruins of Numantia in Spain (although this was a Celtiberian settlement, not Iberian an sich).
  3. Maybe don't add a fence but instead remove the plaster walls and replace them with some wooden beams instead (so you can look inside). Thus your footprint stays the same, and you can add some things inside (like hay,...)
  4. Can they be made a bit smaller? Otherwise, nice work!
  5. I meant a dense forest (with no pathing through)...
  6. We should take a look at how Rome II gives unique bonuses to civs. Carthage: Naval Shipyard: give it a ranged attack (put an onager or ballista on top of the roop as an upgrade). Gauls: Excellent goldsmiths (mining bonus), good shock cavalry. Iberians: What about giving them the feature to walk through forests? I think there was a game (Praetorians?) that let you do that. Maybe at reduced speed, and archery penalites. (but it might conflict with pathfinder etc.)
  7. Should be fixed in r14292 Try rebuilding. Edit: flagging this as resolved. I had the same warnings but now they are gone as well.
  8. It can also be nice to model some Etruscan grave tombs, they would be a perfect prop.
  9. I updated workspaces, I didn't clean them.
  10. Compiled with VS2010 (express) on windows 7 64. (cleaned workspaces as well). This problem has existed for a couple of days (maybe a week) already; 13> test_FixedVector2D.cpp 13>C:\Users\Bastijn\ps\source\maths/FixedVector2D.h(100): error C3861: 'FIXED_MUL_I64_I32_I32': identifier not found 13>C:\Users\Bastijn\ps\source\maths/FixedVector2D.h(101): error C3861: 'FIXED_MUL_I64_I32_I32': identifier not found 13>C:\Users\Bastijn\ps\source\maths/FixedVector2D.h(122): error C3861: 'FIXED_MUL_I64_I32_I32': identifier not found 13>C:\Users\Bastijn\ps\source\maths/FixedVector2D.h(123):
  11. We aim for a 2015 release according to the Indiegogo fund raiser. I think most people will have updated/should update in this time period.
  12. I'd give the Britons the stone 'Broch' wall and I'd give the Gauls the Murus Gallicus (the earthen, reinforced wall that's already in the editor). This will make them a bit more distinctive as well.
  13. Ok Heinrich. Looking forward to read your article.
  14. True, the Scyhians were famous for their burial mounds. The problem is that a wonder should date from the time period in my opinion (second half of the first millenium BC). Random thought: a wonder shouldn't be this big, imposing building with no bonuses whatsoever. Age of Empires III: the Asian Dynasties did things differently. A wonder (to age up in this case) can have bonuses (like a trickle of resources) or can be a defensive structure. A Crannog, a hill fort, the Uffington Horse, a Nemeton... Different possibilities. Adding active/passive bonuses to wonders also makes them even more impor
  15. We could make a king size burial mound for the Gauls (although many other cultures buried their dead also in mounds). Some details like fall over menhirs could add some flavour.
  16. Maybe it's better if we post these reports as 4 different topics, so we can link them separately on the social media.
  17. We should also include faction tips. What are the strong points of some civs, which units are they famous for etc.
  18. It would be nice if we would turn the community map into a showcase of all the different civilizations. Currently we have a lot of sandbox scenarios, it would be cool if all these would be combined as well in an extra showcase map. This makes it much easier to compare visuals, art direction, etc...
  19. I'm being difficult, I know, but we shouldn't lose track of historicity. Even if the wonder is less iconic, I prefer it to be from around the same period as the scope of 0 A.D dictates (around 500 BC to 1 A.D.). The piramids and other iconic wonders that predate can definitely be used, but don't let people build them anew please
  20. That's my point, I'd rather have these replaced by wonders that more or less match the time period. All other wonders (Stonehenge, pyramids, Hanging Gardens...) can be kept as scenario objects. Pureon suggested some interesting possibilities for the Britons. As for the Persians, I'd rather like a persian structure (from Persepolis). Why not enlarge Pureon's latest Persian building and make it the wonder?
  21. I know, it isn't easy to find a possible wonder for them. Has this ever been discussed/considered: http://en.wikipedia....ton_White_Horse ?
  22. Shouldn't we keep Stonehenge as a decorative building in the editor ? Is there no other building that could be the Britons' wonder? ( It feels 'strange' to let Britons build Stonehenge... as 2000 years have passed. I mean, we don't give the pyramids as a wonder to the Ptolomaic Egyptians...)
  23. It is an interesting idea, that you choose 1 god/goddess at your temple (but how many temples are you allowed to build?)with unique bonuses. Definitely worth looking into (I mean: worth a discussion IMO).
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