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  1. Will Heroes level up? For example LVL 1 = +5% attack speed (aura) LVL 2 = + 10% attack speed .... and so on ...
  2. Some questions: 1. Will villagers require a drop-off for the resources ( a Lumber camp for example)? 2. Will their be a difference between female and male Villagers? For example males build faster? 3. Will villagers gain XP in gathering 1 resource? Check Highland warriors.
  3. I prefer the Age of Empires 3 method. For example, when Alexander the Great (Hellenes) invaded modern Turkey ( Persia), the West coast of Turkey had Greek settlements, and they were actually greek phalanx mercenaries fighting for the Persians. In a map, you could add some greek buildings, around a port (milete, ephese). When the Persians construct a Watch tower in the centre, they can recruit Greek Hoplites. When Alexander moves south he encounters the Phoenicians. When you build a watchtower in their ports, you are able to craft strong triremes and ships. And so on for.... Parthians, Germans, Picts, Numedians, Medes, Nubians, Egyptians, .........
  4. I must admit I do like some RPG factors in RTS games. And do post more screenshots on the website keep up the good work !!! and don't let holiday's slow you down!! they are overrated
  5. 1. Will each civ receive a unit guide with short explenations on the website? ( Not when the game is out, but about now)? 2. Are RPG factors included? A. Will units have specials? B. Will units carry items or gather XP ? C. Can I promote units? 3. Can Every civ build walls? Can I place catapults or ballistas on towers ? 4. Are mercenary units included?
  6. what I did not like in the age of kings was that walls had a corner tower. It would be cool that every wall has the same height, but that you can build a tower on top of a wall? When you build a tower on top of a wall, the battlements are replaced by the upper half of the watchtower. The advantage is that the archer(s) in the watchtower receive more defense bonus than archers on the hoardings.
  7. I want Saddam Hoessein !
  8. There has been an evolution in the AOE series, Where all civilizations had the same units, Age of kings added a unique unit to each civ. In 0 AD each civ has its unique units!!! Cool. But will every civ get the same buildings? Probably another skin but buildings with a unique function? I would love unique buildings!!!! Let me give a few examples: Celts: Temple of Teutatis, Gaelic wall, ... Romans: Praetorian Camp, Limes ( fortifications), Aquaduct Carthagians: Barka Palace, Merchant harbour, Temple of Moloch Iberians: Mountain camp, TIn mines, ... Persians: Statue of the 10.000 immortals, temple of Zoroaster. Hellenes: Oracle, Long walls (of Athens), Olive groves
  9. I'm attracted to this game because AGe of EMpires I was the first game i ever played, and this game is based on AOE SEries. + I love history ! + It's free + other games about this period were Turn based ( Rome total war) or not good ( ANcient wars, sparta), ...
  10. When you leave like all the bodies as skeletons on the battlefield, that can't cause much framerate drops, can it ?
  11. The defense bonus doesn't have to be gigantic for units garrisoned in ruins. But I prefer the idea that when you destroy an enemy building, you can't make it vanish when you demolish it. There has to be some sort of ruin, and for example your workers can get 20 stone and some wood out of an enemy house, or more when it is a barracks, .... Pillaging anyone ?
  12. I agree with tehmulletman Giving a short description of the progress is NOT ( I cannot stress this enough) pinpointing you on a release date, it just tells the fans how much work has been done. And if the civilizations are completed, we can focus our idead on other topics f.e.
  13. I like your idea, MrBlack. If you could rebuild a ruined house for example, the cost would be lower than to erect a totally new building. My new idea: When you destroy a barracks f.e. = your workers / enemy workers can use the ruined building as a mine for some resources. f.e = 50 stone can be regained, than the ruin disappears.
  14. nah. Let's destroy it the old way. I have a question, concerning buildings. I read the features list, and you plan on implenting some innovative features, not? The building part looks quite classic, not ? and the gathering of resources?
  15. I have a question concerning buildings. I read that you can place f.e. archers on the hoardings of a castle. When the castle is assaulted, they fire at the enemy I guess, but do they remain there (/ or fire )until the building's Hit points are zero ?
  16. I know i 'm not patient. But i'm very curious about these questions: Is the defense of towns (with walls and towers) just the same as the AOE series? Will there be towns built in a lake ( my dream) ? Will religion play a role in the game? thanks for the answers
  17. it would be cool te know what has been done, and what hasn't. If i take a look at the screenies, it looks good. Balance work, yea....
  18. 2 unique units for each Non playable faction seems enough to me , and 1 neutral faction for each homecountry of the six civilizations. f.e. Rome => Sabines ( Sabine Hoplite) Carthage => Numedians (Numedian Cavalry, ...) Celts => Germans ( Fanatic/Naked Spearman) Hellenites => Thracians (Hillmen) Celt-iberians => ... As you can see im filled with ideas
  19. And when will the game be shipped ?
  20. You could add this by "changing" the indian settlements from AOE3 to For example a numedian settlement in O. AD. When you build a watch tower in the middle of their town, you could get bonuses. For numedians that would be= the carthaginians can recruit Numedian cavalry. And as a hero you can add massinissa. And as special you can ( when fighting romans) employ Jugurtha to fight the romans ( numedian armies spawn attacking the romans when in AFRICA.) what say you
  21. I was wondering, there are going to be six playable civilizations in the game. Will non playable factions be included? For example when the Romans are fighting in Britain, will there be Picts to fight them? Or Numedians in Northern Africa as non playable factions?
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