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  1. Doesn't track, since in the real world even in ancient times you could see much further than your catapult can shoot. Let's be aware of the tactic of "indirect fire", which consists of high angle fire at a target obscured by hills, walls, etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indirect_fire
  2. It depends on the type of ship. At the beginning of the game, after you build a Dock, you only have access to fishing ships. Unfortunately, fishing ships cannot transport troops, probably due to physics and/or citizen rights to not be forced to quarter troops. So, you need to LEVEL UP to Town Phase in order to UNLOCK the more advanced ships. Most ships besides fishing ships and fire ships, and fish 'n chips, allow transport of troops. Then, yes, garrison troops in the ships in order to transport them by following the steps that seeh described above. So just open fire when you hit the (destination) shore, and hoist that rag. (I learned that trade from Piggy Knowles.) But first, select the ship and ungarrison the troops by holding shift and clicking on their pictures at the lower center of the screen. Alternatively, select the ship and press U on the keyboard to ungarrison all units.
  3. @woodpecker, when Windows determines which process to attribute UDP network traffic to, I think that its algorithm is very simple. I think that Windows just looks for a process with the same source port open as that of the incoming network packets. The symptoms that you have described sound very much like a ddos attack (100% network utilization) and a dos attack (game freezing). I've seen the same symptoms at times. Pay attention to who is online at the times that these problems occur. I recommend that you install Wireshark and capture traffic. If you're comfortable with using the command line then I advise starting by only capturing traffic with dumpcap (part of Wireshark) since it requires administrative privileges. Once the traffic capture is stopped, display the traffic with Wireshark as an unprivileged user, since Wireshark sometimes has security flaws. Here are example commands for capturing traffic. You can store these commands in a Windows batch script file (make the extension .bat or .cmd), then simply run the batch file as Administrator each time you want to start capturing traffic. C: cd "\Program Files\Wireshark" dumpcap -D rem the above command will list several interfaces. Determine the name of the interface that rem you're using for your Internet connection. An example is rem \Device\NPF_{567B6C39-439F-45A8-B019-C5C508569708}. dumpcap.exe -i INSERT_YOUR_INTERFACE_NAME_HERE -p -w "C:\Users\INSERT_YOUR_USERNAME_HERE\Documents\traffic_capture.pcap" -s 0 You should always scan unfamiliar software for viruses with your favored virus scanning software before deciding whether to install it. There's a free service that scans with more than 50 virus scanner programs called Virustotal. But, use what you trust. And, you should always read the manual for the software before running any commands suggested by random people. Here's the manual for dumpcap, so you know what the command line arguments do. Ddos attacks usually have a lot of incoming UDP packets on a certain port, and no replies. The attackers seem to like to send the traffic to the port that one is running 0ad on.
  4. If you haven't read about the obscenity court cases in the US then I recommend it, regardless of your opinions about obscenity vs censorship. It's a real eye opener about how law is interpreted, and therefore it's useful for ensuring that a license is worded in a way that is clear and unambiguous. "Courts have attempted to define obscenity at common law with varying amounts of success; even the federal obscenity statute does not directly define “obscenity,” and obscenity laws can vary drastically from state to state." https://digitalcommons.tourolaw.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3129&context=lawreview http://cbldf.org/about-us/case-files/obscenity-case-files/ Search terms: comic book obscenity court cases
  5. It's great that you're supporting open licensed content creators with so much music. I would like to use some of the music that you have shared, but I have a concern. License terms that are subjective are a risk to potential licensees. Different people might define certain terms differently, and it can be unpredictable how a court would interpret those terms. "Obscene" for example has a wide range of interpretations. "Pornographic" less so, although there is debate about how to define nudity without sexual context. How do you personally define the words "obscene" and "pornographic"? Can you include a definition for these words in your official statements about the license, please? Suppose that someone makes a video of 0 A.D. gameplay and uses your music as background music. And, suppose that a player used curse words in some of the chat messages that were captured by the video. Would you consider such a video to be "obscene" and therefore not allowed to use your music? Here is another test case. Sometimes there are situations where non-soldier citizens are killed by soldiers in 0 A.D. Would you consider that obscene? Now consider that all non-soldier citizens are currently only women in the game. Do you consider it obscene if a woman is killed by a soldier in the gameplay? Some of the units in the game have little clothing on. Where do you personally draw the line between "tight beach bod" and "pornographic"?
  6. By "card update" do you mean "Cartography". By "aliens" do you mean "allies"? I agree with your points. I consider it important for players to give at least a brief statement about the purpose of the flare or ping. Even better is to describe the number and type of enemy troops in the area so that other players respond more intelligently.
  7. Mod sharing between users... so that players have even less idea of where they obtained mods from. When a user is about to install a mod manually (ie. bypassing the developer review and signing of a mod as free of malware), I think that big security warnings should be displayed and a prompt asking whether the user has reviewed the JavaScript code for malware should be presented. The options should be "Yes, I have reviewed the source code so proceed with installation" or "No, I have not reviewed the source code so cancel installation". If you don't know why this is important then please read this bug report. Bug number 5850 Security issue: GUI file access, protected config values, and mods
  8. @vinme Do you know any of the players listed above as potential suspects? If so, how do you know them? Do you talk to them outside the game? Can you vouch for any of them that they would be unlikely to initiate or request a ddos? Let's work together to solve this problem.
  9. @vinmeTake note of what I did when I was ddosed. You, and others, can do the same thing in the future, and we can compare notes to track down who is responsible.
  10. I experienced a loss of Internet connection 3 times within a 30 minute time span today, starting at about 3 July 2022 20:44 UTC. Though I did not confirm based on traffic rates, the other symptoms were consistent with past ddos episodes (the past ddos episodes I did confirm based on traffic rates), such as the total loss of connection, total restoration of connection, the timing of the outage, and the otherwise good reliability of my Internet connection recently. The first time was 15 minutes into a team game that I was hosting. Only skirmishes occurred up to that point, and both teams were still strong in the game in my opinion. The second ddos was during gathering of players for a game, and it only had about 4 out of 8 players. The third ddos was while I wasn't even connected to the lobby, perhaps trying to discover any alternative lobby account name that I might be using, as vinme suggested. Now I will make some guesses about the motive for the ddos. There was no alternative team game hosted when I reconnected to the lobby, although after I opened a new team game room, another team game room opened with title "TG OP" and two players, as follows. RICSAND1655 Aslan. Here is another attempt at thinking of a motive. Perhaps a player was not happy with how things were progressing in the game, especially a player who was in combat with PhilipTheSwaggerless. maxticatrix: 35 kills and 39 lossses hefesto: 9 kills and 9 deaths Here is the replay, in case a pattern can be observed in the timing of the ddos attack (when the replay ends). replay_of_game_ddosed.zip Another idea is that a person who connected might have been frustrated about not being able to play, since the game was full. Here is a list of other players who connected to the first game but did not play. deumeu Sequani It is also possible that someone who did not even connect to my game was responsible for the ddos, since I haven't changed my IP address for a while. That is why I am sharing screenshots of the players present in the lobby at the time of the ddos.
  11. Thanks for the report Pemulis. This makes a big difference when people post evidence on the forum about player misconduct. In the future, ping user1 and Dunedan to more quickly direct the information to them. @user1 @Dunedan See the above post for a request for lobby moderation action, thanks.
  12. Interesting, thanks for the report about this. Can you provide more details to the devs that are useful for improving security and reliability of 0ad, please? For example, you could send screenshots of the conversation and players who were present in the lobby at the time of the ddos. Not sure what you mean by this. Do you mean that the ddoser can't connect to the lobby? Or, do you mean that the ddoser can't make a correlation between lobby users and IP addresses of users? And, how do you know that this is the case?
  13. On Sunday we played a team game with all intermediate level players besides Isam_96. Highlights were early game cav rushing with some success and some failure, mid game cs armies getting wiped out, and then late game cav raiding by Isam_96 and Norse_Harold. Despite one rage quit on Isam_96's team, things seemed balanced after that. Wherever Isam_96 sent his mass of 80 to 120 cavalry, death followed in his wake. The challenge for Norse_Harold's team was to create dilemmas exploiting the fact that Isam_96 couldn't be in multiple places at once without requiring excessive micro. Or, they could try to wipe out Isam_96's cavalry, but that didn't seem likely. Watch the replay to find out what happened. I created a video with just the funny moments from the team game. Team game funny moments - Watch on my PeerTube channel (boytcott Youtube) Team game funny moments - Download via Dropbox The video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 United States. Download the replay Or watch via the attachment: 496760514_2022-06-260adteamgamewithIsam_96-funnymoments.mp4
  14. As for the issue of auto-muting due to profanity in the lobby, I would suggest a light or no punishment at the first occurrence, then gradually increasing severity of punishment. That way, if a person has a typo that produces a swearword then it will be rare enough that they won't even notice the profanity filter. At the same time, there will be players who will abuse this, I'm sure, since it's so easy to create new fake accounts. So, if you want the auto-mute punishment to be decreased then it probably requires increasing the barrier to entry for new accounts. Edit: Looking at Sevda's screenshots, it appears that initial punishment is a simple kick, not a mute or ban of any duration. I think that the repeat offenders are the ones who get the mutes or bans.
  15. Au contraire. Report them and they'll get muted or banned. Trashy spammed the lobby, was reported, got muted. Demitritool threatened one more more other players, was reported, got muted and later duplicate accounts of his got banned. For reference: Report of Trashy doing lobby spam https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/79511-report-of-trashy-doing-lobby-spam/ DemitriTool being profane and personally offensive https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/62643-potentially-offensive-room-name-that-also-impersonates-my-name/ So far, in my experience, reporting users has had 100% rate of effectiveness for punishment, and within a few hours or days. vinme, if you care so much about this issue, please report users who are breaking rules.
  16. On June 3rd, 2022, around 11:35 pm UTC, Some players were apparently colluding to boost the rating of certain players. These guys, or one guy with a lot of duplicate accounts, were throwing matches rapidly, about 6 matches in 4 minutes at one point. Here are some of the names that I noticed apparently doing this. borg2 borgy2 borg2. fman4 fman3 fman2 aboss valihrant.. borg. carid2 vali2
  17. Trashy spammed the lobby tonight with repetitive phrases and ASCII art. He used offensive language about other users, including me, and one of the ASCII drawings he sent was the middle finger. I include only the screenshots that don't include profanity here. I have PM'd the screenshots with profanity to user1. User: Trashy Date: 07 May 2022 05:04 UTC
  18. Great, sounds good. Follow-ups like this are much appreciated.
  19. Apparently black screen problems are common when trying to use G-SYNC with a FreeSync monitor. First, ensure that you are using a DisplayPort 1.4 certified cable of not-too-long length. Second, only certain FreeSync monitors are certified by nVidia to be compatible with G-SYNC. Check out the list. I learned about this from this article.
  20. Okay, thanks for running the tests. I doubt that the changes have solved the problem. (If they have solved the problem then I encourage you to look for an answer to why they've solved the problem.) You can try to reproduce the symptoms with further testing, or you can use the computer normally for a few weeks or months. Sometimes my video card would go for many months without the black screen occurring. The only thing that reliably stopped it, at least for years, was Debug Mode and replacing the power supply. If you want to use a progressive approach to testing then that's fine with me. A possibly faster test would be to temporarily re-enable FreeSync, restore any other changes you've made, then disable the factory overclock. If that also seems to fix the problem then it's very interesting. Also, if you think that you have found the root cause of the problem, try temporarily undoing the "fix" and test whether the problem re-occurs. Yes, adding the # symbol comments out the line in user.cfg. The game ignores such lines. If you later change that setting in the game's UI then it will add another line, uncommented, in user.cfg affecting the same variable, possibly in a much different place in the file. And, if there are duplicate configuration lines that affect the same setting then the last such line in the file is the one that takes effect.
  21. Exactly. "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." You need long-term testing in order to get a definite answer about whether the problem is fixed by a certain change, or not. Thanks for running this test. It is interesting. Even though it is the opposite pattern from what I saw with my video card, it doesn't conflict with the hypothesis that the black screen problem could be caused by factory overclocking of your video card or a problem with your power supply. Operating electronics at higher than their reference clock rate (ie. overclocked) means that the electronics are not guaranteed to function correctly. Current video cards are adjusting their clock rates and voltages frequently. When the FPS is low, the card will try to save power by reducing the clock rate and voltage. This sudden change in the current flowing through the card could be stressful on the components and cause glitches, especially in the power regulation circuitry (VRMs), which could cause glitches in the GPU (the main chip of the video card). An overclocked card is less tolerant of glitches because it's aggressively pushing for the next clock cycles faster than the electronics were designed for. Maybe if you get frustrated enough, like what happened to me, you'll try disabling the factory overclock, also known as "underclock" or "return the card to reference clock rates". Another hypothesis that comes to mind: maybe your monitor is using a refresh rate synchronization feature like G-SYNC or FreeSync. And maybe it doesn't like to have missed refresh cycles. Therefore, lower FPS would be more likely to cause the black screen symptom. A way to hopefully rule out this hypothesis is if the problem happens when the game is windowed. Also, test with other games! There are free (as in freedom and price) 3D games for Linux like extremetuxracer (downhill skiing as the Linux mascot), Nexuiz (similar to Natural Selection), quake3arena, Xonotic (fast-paced shooter), Chromium B.S.U. (overhead shoot 'em up like Raptor), Toribash (abstract martial arts), Cube2, Sauerbraten, Super Tux Kart, and more. Most of these are probably available in your distro for instant installation.
  22. Does this happen with other 3D games? My nVidia graphics card had a similar problem. When playing any 3D game, sometimes the screen would flicker black and then return to normal, and sometimes the screen would stay black until I rebooted. Other times the screen would flicker black and then the game would crash to desktop, and a message about video driver recovery would appear. I tried many troubleshooting steps, including updating the drivers, reinstalling software and the OS, etc. When I replaced the power supply and disabled factory overclocking, the problem was resolved. When I temporarily re-enabled the factory overclock, the problem re-occurred only while the factory overclock was enabled. So, one hypothesis to consider is the "black screen problem" that many factory-overclocked video cards have, especially as they age. I recommend the same steps that solved the problem in my case: disable factory overclocking of your video card, and if that doesn't resolve it then replace your power supply with a high quality power supply. I recommend using a power supply that gets good reviews from jonnyguru.com or another review site that stress tests power supplies at high temperature and load, checks them with an oscilloscope, and disassembles them to check whether quality components were used and whether they have good design and soldering. The Superflower OEM consistently has good power supplies. EVGA sometimes rebrands Superflower power supplies. The EVGA SuperNOVA G3 was the last series to use SuperFlower. They're still available direct from evga.com. A pattern that I noticed with my video card, before I made the recommended changes to fix the problem, was that high FPS situations would make the black screen problem more likely to occur. For example, the simple menu of many games would allow the graphics card to pump out several hundred FPS, maybe close to 1000 FPS. The fans would speed up, which was an indication that the graphics card was drawing a lot of power and generating a lot of heat. This was also the most likely time that the factory-overclocked boost clock rates would be used. You can run a simple test by monitoring the FPS when it's in the menu. Edit your user.cfg file (probably in ~/.config/0ad/config/user.cfg), and change or add the following line. overlay.fps = "true" Then watch the FPS when the black screen problem occurs. Also consider watching the clock rate, power consumption, etc. of your video card with appropriate software. Later, for testing purposes, in order to treat the symptoms of the problem, you can enable "FPS throttling in menus", as well as in games. The equivalent user.cfg settings are as follows. Check how it's configured already before changing it, and please tell us. If it was set to 100 then FPS throttling was disabled. adaptivefps.menu = "60.0" adaptivefps.session = "60.0" As time went on, my card got worse and worse with the black screen problem. It would happen even when using Firefox with layers.acceleration.disabled = false in about:config. This was until I disabled the factory overclock and replaced the power supply with a good one, as explained earlier. In order to disable factory overclocking of your video card, you can enable "Debug Mode" in the nVidia Control Panel, at least in Windows. This changes the clock rates to reference clock rates, and it limits the power level that the video card can operate at. There is very little change in the FPS as a result of enabling this, and a very big change in the reliability. It is necessary to enable Debug Mode again after every reboot. In Linux, if you can't find an equivalent feature in the nVidia settings UI, then you can replicate the feature with the nvidia-smi command, as follows. I looked up the likely reference clock rates for your video card at https://videocardz.net This is not a perfect replication of "Debug Mode" from the Windows nVidia Control Panel, because this locks your video card at the maximum reference clock rate. So I would suggest enabling this underclock only when you're gaming. Reboot in order to disable it. nvidia-smi --id=1 --lock-gpu-clocks=1500,1500 nvidia-smi --id=1 --power-limit=100 Remember that It is necessary to run these nvidia-smi commands again after every reboot. If that doesn't completely fix the problem then try using a power limit of 85. If that still doesn't fix the problem then try installing Windows, and enable "Debug Mode" in the Windows nVidia Control Panel before gaming. If that doesn't fix the problem then get a quality power supply. If that still doesn't solve the problem then continue the troubleshooting process. The fact that a screenshot is normal when the screen is black implies to me that the problem is most likely related to your video drivers or hardware, especially your video card, monitor, monitor cables, or power supply.
  23. @user1 explained via the game lobby that DemitriTool received a warning, I assume for the offensive room names described in this forum thread. Later he received a 24-hour ban for the (unrelated) offense of making duplicate accounts. On Friday evening DemitriTool tried to login and the game lobby announced that he had a 24-hour ban for making duplicate accounts. So, hopefully DemitriTool never does this again. Thanks, case closed.
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