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  1. Interesting. I'm in the habit of starting installers as an Administrator and choosing a custom destination path in order to ensure that the installation path is in a subfolder of C:\Program Files (x86). Note that a subfolder of C:\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ is probably not the default installation path... That's where start menu icons are installed. @ssg_cheeseheadPerhaps virus protection software on your system is preventing read, write or execute access to files in C:\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ Maybe it would help if you start the game installer as an Administrator and reinstall it. I recommend configuring the install path to C:\Program Files (x86)\0 A.D. alpha
  2. That's not the default installation path. I think that the default installation path is C:\Program Files (x86)\0 A.D. alpha Please share mainlog.html so that we can determine which files it's failing to copy. You can talk to me on IRC for faster troubleshooting responses.
  3. Thanks for doing that. Trac is working now, so far. No, but the Internet Archive does hold a "backup" of most of Trac. It's at this link. Choose a date to access the archived version of the site.
  4. I'm helping Bearithra troubleshoot the problem via IRC and Element. For anyone else facing a similar problem, there is advice in the FAQ (backup link here) about it, or you can talk to me via IRC.
  5. Lol, yeah. For the about the same amount of effort and storage space, one might as well install a dual-boot of Linux on their computer so that the game runs at a normal framerate instead of trying to limp along with a virtual machine. Also, rejoining with Windows typically only gets a few minutes more of gameplay before the game runs out of memory again. And, I think that there are diminishing gains to the rejoining tactic because the only sources for free memory with a big match to simulate are garbage collection and memory leaks, of which there are not many if the process has only been running for a few minutes. This is a guess, though, I haven't checked in detail. If someone wants help with setting up a dual-boot of Linux and Windows then talk to me on IRC or other means of communication.
  6. Thanks, Barcodes. That's consistent with my guess about 0ad reaching the maximum memory allocation for a 32-bit process. On Windows the limit is usually 2 GB, but it's 3GB if the executable is built with large address aware mode. I advise using Linux or Mac to host 0ad team games until alpha 27 is released and hopefully includes a 64-bit build for Windows.
  7. Here are my guesses for the definitions of the key words. Jock: Population given military training and culture from an early age, prioritization of military by administration, culture values strength and patriarchy. Nerd: Science, literature, research, mythology development, investing heavily in activities or topics of special interest. Goth: Dark and morbid aesthetic, investment in elaborate tombs, authentic, artistic, alternative culture. Prep: Firmly class-based society with preferential treatment for those with high socioeconomic status, culture is focused on class, family wealth, and popularity, sometimes narcissistic. In my opinion, this makes sense for Egypt and Sparta, but I don't know enough about the other civilizations to say whether these definitions or points on the axes are accurate. Is it true that the Assyrians were more Goth than the Egyptians? And, was Athens more Nerd than the Egyptians?
  8. Soldiers dropping their swords. It is a highly effective technique! Why wasn't it used then? Probably because no one ever tried it, or else it was not recorded to history...
  9. Can we still check the RAM usage of the 0ad process at intervals before the symptoms occur, please?
  10. I guess that Barcodes is referring to Windows servers crashing at around 30 minutes. I have noticed that 4v4 team games tend to use about 4 GB of memory (on a Linux system) around the 30 minute mark. I think that the problem that Barcodes is describing is caused by the memory limits of a 32-bit Windows process. The fix is to release a 64-bit build for Windows. Barcodes, to confirm, please tell us whether the players who crash around 30 minutes are using Windows. Also please ask those players to open Task Manager around 30 minutes and watch the memory usage of the 0ad process. Tell us whether it's close to 4 GB, such as 3.8 GB or higher, before crashing.
  11. Exact steps to reproduce would be most useful. Ideally record a video with OBS-Studio and post it here. If the file size is too large then upload it to a file sharing service such as chatons, which uses FLOSS software, and post a link here.
  12. There might be something that you can do to fix it. Read the FAQ answer to the question "Failed to connect to the server. UDP port 20595 not being forwarded." here (backup link here) . I wrote most of that answer. If you still need help after following the advice there then talk to me on IRC.
  13. @implodedok What do you think about my suggestions about mitigating spam on an Invision Community forum system here?
  14. I haven't gotten a reply here or to my private message to Karlosefl. I think it's just a clever tactic used by a spambot. Karlosefl appears to be a duplicate account of a known spammer, Karlosmnt. I'm locking this thread and banning the duplicates of Karlosmnt.
  15. I sent him a private message asking what he needs help with.
  16. Okay, I think that I know what entities trigger the symptoms: the hostile animals (brown bears and wolfhounds) that are owned by AI-controlled players. I used a technique similar to the binary search algorithm, specifically the generalization to graphs, by making multiple edits of the map file in order to narrow down the possible entities causing the problem. Then I guessed that AI-controlled hostile animals could trigger the symptoms, so I edited the map to only change the hostile fauna to be owned by player 0 instead of players 2, 3, 4, or 5. It seems to be correct so far, but long-term testing with this fixed version would be wise. Winter Is Coming(5).zip In the future, when you place animals, especially hostile animals, ensure that Gaia is selected as the owning player at the bottom of the scenario editor window. Also, I consider it a bug in the game for these symptoms to occur when AI controls a hostile animal. Or, it's a bug in the game to allow the user to create a map that is able to trigger these symptoms. I have reported this on Trac with a minimal test case.
  17. Don't edit the map yet. I have an idea for how to find out which entities are triggering the problem. I'll let you know what I find out soon, probably tomorrow.
  18. It probably was made by ChatGPT. Also, kozarets modified the quoted text and added an advertisement and link to a third party commercial website. I've banned kozarets as a spammer.
  19. Okay, thanks for the update. Is your computer a laptop or a desktop? If it's a laptop then what's the brand and model of laptop? Laptop manufacturers' websites usually have the specifications of the builtin graphics adapter given the brand and model of laptop. If you have a desktop with an add-on PCI-e graphics card then the information you have posted about the graphics card is not enough to determine whether it is factory overclocked. There are many variations of each GPU made by graphics card manufacturers. Each variation may have a different clock rate. The information about brand and model would be on the invoice when you first purchased your graphics card, or your prebuilt desktop with bundled graphics card. If your computer has a desktop or tower design then you can power off your computer, unplug it, open it, and look at the labels on the graphics card itself. If the brand and model is not obvious from the front of the graphics card then it is likely a reference or OEM card. In that case a photo of it may be enough to identify it. Removing the card will allow observation of small labels on the back of the card. Again, ensure the computer is off and unplugged before doing that sort of thing. If you think there's a risk of breaking the card or computer by removing the card then don't do it.
  20. I am able to reproduce the problem, even on version alpha 26. Steps to reproduce. Extract the Winter Is Coming(5).zip file to the mods/user/maps/scenarios folder in your 0ad game data folder. Load the scenario Winter Is Coming(5). Slot yourself as player 1, and slot 4 AI in the remaining slots. In fact, you can't change any of the starting parameters. Civs are forced to random. Use the cheat "gift from the gods" (type it in chat) to get p3, a lot of resources, and fast building. Build a stable and produce 50 champ cavalry. Send the champ cavalry to attack another player, generally at the cardinal directions of the map. After fighting with an AI-controlled opponent for several seconds, the error should appear. Here is the repeating error message that I see when I test the map with 0ad version alpha 26. During the test, I was Britons and the player that I attacked was Hans. I made a modified version of the map, where I deleted all entities except one civic center and 4 women for each player. The warning and error messages then did not occur with that modified map. A hypothesis is that the symptoms are triggered by certain entities in the map.
  21. What type of device are you playing 0ad on? Is it a mobile device or gaming console? What software for a game controller do you have installed? Does the problem happen with other games? Can you test 0ad on a different device, such as a desktop or laptop computer that does not have game controller software installed?
  22. Try adjusting the graphics settings. Maybe reduce the quality. Consider using OpenGL ARB instead of OpenGL for the Renderer Backend under Settings, Options, Graphics (advanced). Restart the game and try to load a match again. If the problem persists, please share mainlog.html and system_info.txt. Also try these troubleshooting tips about black screen symptoms.
  23. The problem seems like one of these possibilities. Missed frames with G-SYNC or FreeSync causing a black screen Inadequate rating of monitor cable for the resolution and refresh rate expected Monitor not on the approved list for G-SYNC Factory overclock of the graphics adapter causing the GPU to malfunction and cease functioning until rebooted Note that the Magic-SysRq key has some settings in sysctl that enable or disable certain aspects of its functionality. Some Linux distros disable the ability to reboot with it. So, you should test that it actually works for rebooting while your computer is functioning properly. If it doesn't work for rebooting then add the following to /etc/sysctl.conf. Note that a line with kernel.sysrq might already exist in the file, so comment out other lines that try to assign it, or ensure that your line is last in the file. kernel.sysrq=1 Also consider the option of setting up the openssh server so that you can ssh into your computer for making observations when the black screen occurs. Consider restarting the graphics hardware by shutting down X, removing the kernel module for the video adapter and reinstalling the kernel module. (I'm not sure whether this actually restarts the graphics hardware.) Try the troubleshooting steps in this thread. A good starting point is to check whether the game is still rendered despite the screen being black. Check that by pressing F2 to take a screenshot while the text entry cursor is not in a text entry box. Then look at the screenshot, found in the game data directory. Another good test is to run other graphics intensive 3D games as long or longer than you run 0ad, and with various conditions such as low complexity with high FPS, and high complexity with low FPS. You can even try benchmarking software like 3Dmark, furmark, or Unigine Heaven, Valley, or Superposition for extended periods of time like 12+ hours. (The first two are Windows only. The next 2 support Windows, Mac, and Linux. Superposition supports Windows and Linux.) I have a theory that the problem happens with other 3D software if it's tested long enough. Considering that your computer is freezing, crashing, and the screen goes black, that resembles the GPU malfunctioning due to factory overclock. I advise using reference clock rates. What brand and model of graphics adapter do you have?
  24. Save files are very unlikely to work from one version to another. I think they're even stored in separate folders so that they aren't visible to a different version of the game. If you consider the save game very important then I advise installing Linux or running a Live Linux OS from the DVD or USB memory stick in order to load the save game. It will be a 64-bit process, and it will be able to allocate more than 4 GB of RAM. Assuming that reaching the 4 GB limit for memory allocation is the problem, yes, I advise that you not save when 0ad uses close to the 4GB limit on Windows. How "close" to the limit will need to be determined through trial and error. If you save every 10 minutes then you can restore the game with however far back in time still works. You can keepo a watch on memory usage before you save each time and eventually determine how much memory usage is still safe for saving. Not really. We have a good guess about what the cause of the problem is. And, it is apparently reproducible, so you can post a mainlog.html file if/when it happens again.
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