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  1. Based on system_info.txt, you're using Windows 10. Realize that the Windows version of 0ad can allocate a maximum of only 4 GB of RAM because it's a 32-bit process. The developers plan to improve that in the future by making a 64-bit build for Windows, probably for the alpha 27 release. But, for now, 0ad on Windows is limited to 4 GB. Additional observations that contribute to the hypothesis that 0ad ran out of memory: the game went on for a long time, the problem was triggered by saving the game, and the errno was 12 (Not enough memory). I find that after about 40 minutes the game uses close to 4 GB of RAM. When you save the game then it doesn't buy you time. It actually consumes the maximum amount of RAM significantly earlier than otherwise. You can test the hypothesis by using Task Manager to watch how much memory pyrogenesis has allocated at the point that it crashes. If it has close to 4 GB allocated just before it crashes then that confirms that it's crashing due to insufficient memory. If you avoid saving then you might have a bit more play time before it eventually crashes anyway. If you install Linux, or buy a Mac, or Hackintosh a Mac, then 0ad can allocate almost all of the RAM that your computer has free, because it's a 64-bit process on those operating systems. The game should then run almost forever, as it is unlikely to run out of memory. Note that mainlog.html appears to be a brief start and successful stop of the game. Realize that each time you start the game, mainlog.html is erased and started from scratch. It seems that you started the game after the crash but before retrieving mainlog.html.
  2. Thanks for the update. That's a minimal description of steps to reproduce. It might be relevant what hardware you're using with Armbian. I suggest trying to disable the Chinese Language mod on the Armbian system (by editing user.cfg directly, as I explained in my earlier post in this thread) and seeing whether the game successfully starts. If it doesn't then maybe something else was changed along the way. In fact, starting and stopping the game may write a config file that causes the game to no longer start in case there's a bug with mobile device compatibility, such as window or screen size configuration, rendering settings, etc. Another step that may be necessary for disabling the Chinese language mod on the Armbian system is to change the language in user.cfg. Find the line "locale = zh_CN" and either remove that line or change it to the following. If that isn't enough help then please consider attaching logs in order to help with the troubleshooting process.
  3. We need more information in order to help. Can you provide steps to reproduce the problem? Have you tested disabling the mod and seeing whether the game still starts in Armbian? You can disable the mod by editing config/user.cfg and changing the mod.enabledmods line to I think that it's unlikely that the Chinese language mod would cause this problem. How did you install the Chinese language mod on your Armbian system? Did you copy your 0ad user data folder (including user.cfg file) from your x86 Debian system to your Armbian system? If so, that could explain the problem, and I would expect that the problem would persist even after disabling the Chinese language mod. In that case, you should backup and remove user.cfg on the Armbian system so that it can be recreated from defaults. Otherwise, we need logs and steps to reproduce. Does the game work if you reinstall it and have a default configuration with no mods on Armbian?
  4. @neodavid7 It looks like the hero "garrison+regicide" bug. Merely installing community-mod may or may not solve the problem. If it doesn't solve it then follow the steps listed here.
  5. I deleted the other post in General Discussion that you made with the same content.
  6. Might the team making the builtin encyclopedia find it useful to have custom illustrations? @ShadowOfHassen@Vantha@Lion.Kanzen
  7. I think that "inflammable" is not the word to use here. Inflammable means capable of being set on fire; combustible; flammable. Scroll down at this dictionary entry to see an explanation that people tend to think that "in-" means the negative, but it doesn't in this case. Instead, I suggest using "nonflammable" or "noncombustible".
  8. Pluto, talk to me via IRC when I'm online, typically starting at about 18:00 UTC. I can walk you through the process of setting up an apt source for bullseye-backports or else building 0ad version 0.0.26 from source (including distro patches).
  9. No, it's not. Defc0n decided to shut down GenieBot, and ModerationBot no longer responds to profanity because auto-unmuting isn't working. I think that a substantial portion of the moderation bots will need to be changed in order to fix it in a reliable manner. It's on the todo list, and that list is long. We can use more volunteers to help with development work. Today I talked to noogler on IRC, who knows Python, C++, JavaScript and Java. He's interested in contributing. Hooray! Good thing I'm in the habit of having notifications enabled on IRC and actually responding to people there. In the meantime, lobby helpers are watching chat history occasionally and muting people when infractions are excessive. Please ping us for a quicker response to infractions.
  10. Happy New Year! If we are friendly and act like mentors to new volunteers then we can gradually grow the development team.
  11. Can you please try using the official Fedora method for building the package from source. This should ensure that you have the necessary dependency packages installed and distro-provided patches applied to the source code. Specifically, dnf download --source 0ad cd 0ad rpmbuild -bb I haven't tested these commands because I don't have a Fedora system. The most likely point of failure would be the name of the directory to change to in the second command. If the official Fedora method of building the package from source doesn't work, then Fedora would surely like to know about it. It's likely a bug that they can fix, or else it's user error. Based on the build logs it should build successfully on Fedora 39. Edit: oops, the official Fedora method for building the package from source is only applicable to 0ad version alpha 26. However, it may at least help you ensure that you have the necessary build dependencies installed. We need more information, such as the versions of python, python3 and python3-six that you have installed, in order to help you with troubleshooting building alpha 27. How did you update to Fedora 39? Did you do a clean install, or did you upgrade from an existing installation of an older version of Fedora? You might still have a lot of python2 packages. The build of spidermonkey might be using python2 packages by default instead of the necessary python3 packages. I think that you should try to remove as many python2 packages as you can without breaking lots of other packages. Replace them with equivalent python3 packages. python2 packages are named "python-name". python3 packages are named "python3-name".
  12. I would like to know which distributions specifically do that for their official binary package releases. I haven't found any so far. Debian doesn't do it. I assume that Ubuntu doesn't do it, since Ubuntu packages are based on Debian packages. I just checked, and Fedora 39 doesn't do it. One might think that their 0ad.spec file uses system-provided mozjs by default, but it's a counter-intuitive syntax. It actually disables the build condition of system_mozjs by default. Proof is in the build logs that it's building the bundled spidermonkey. Debian would like to use system-provided libraries in general because it makes it easier to maintain security of dependencies (ie. apply security updates promptly and in a centralized manner). But, from watching how they update the 0ad package, I see no evidence that the two maintainers are testing the game any more than verifying that it starts up after the package is installed. That's a conflict with the warning to developers and maintainers (yes vlad, I know that it is technically a compiler #error) that system-provided mozjs should be tested thoroughly. Debian maintainers are simply not doing that. They're doing the minimum to maintain the package. I assume that it's similar with maintainers of other distros. We need to know which distributions and users are doing this so we can get feedback about whether it works reliably, and so that we know about a likely explanation for OOS problems. They're trailblazers and guinea pigs, because, as I understand it, use of a system-provided mozjs with 0ad is just not being done by the majority of users currently.
  13. In source/scriptinterface/ScriptTypes.h is a message that the only version of mozjs that works is the one that is bundled with 0ad. Either this message in the source code needs to be updated, or we need to double check the statement that use of a system mozjs is recommended for multiplayer. Also note the warning about the need for testing with any other version of mozjs, which distro maintainers aren't doing. They run the bundled FCollada tests, but they don't do testing of multiplayer or running replays and comparing the final hash. In order for use of differing versions of mozjs to work properly in multiplayer, it needs to not only have the same intended functionality, but it also needs to have bug-for-bug compatibility.
  14. If SolarEagle wants to play 0ad multiplayer then he shouldn't be using anything other than the bundled mozjs, right? Otherwise, even a small difference in how the JavaScript engine functions, such as serialization and deserialization, could cause an out-of-sync condition during multiplayer gameplay.
  15. Can confirm. The last notification email I received was on November 21, 2023 at 01:58 am UTC.
  16. Thanks for the heads up. You must have been automatically muted by ModerationBot, because I don't see records of manual muting of you. Automatic unmuting after a delay is not working currently with ModerationBot. ModerationBot detects 4 profanity words. It is programmed to kick a user in response to each of the first two uses of profanity words in a 2-week period. Then it is programmed to mute the user for 5 minutes in response to the next use of profanity, and double the duration of the mute with each subsequent use of profanity. Again, unfortunately, automatic unmuting is not working. Also, unmuting doesn't work unless you are currently connected to the lobby. So, you need to stay connected to the lobby until we notice it. In the future, if it seems like your mute duration is much longer than what was intended then please notify us. You can message me via IRC for example. I'll unmute you the next time that I see you in the lobby.
  17. When a Trac ticket is resolved, the status will be "closed" instead of "new". Also, in the search results and when mentioned in other tickets, it will be displayed with a strikethrough line. Ticket #6688 is not resolved. It does have a patch, which is the Phab differential D4123, indicated in the summary of the ticket. In order to determine how you can help with a ticket, you should read all of the comments in the Trac ticket, as well as the comments in the Phabricator differential, and any linked content. Phab differential D4123 has status "Needs Review", but there are currently no reviewers assigned. Also, the person who authored it, Stan, is retired. It seems like there were related issues uncovered during development of the patch, and an intent to prevent the problem of player-owned Gaia entites from happening in the future. In my opinion, it doesn't seem like a good "first issue" for a new developer to work on. Documentation about the WIldfire Games development process is here. It links to this guide to WFG development web services. That links to this explanation of how to use Trac as a developer. The second document links to this list of starter tasks (ie. good first issues for a new developer). After you have read the documentation, I advise that you meet with developers in #0ad-dev on QuakeNet IRC, especially those who can act as reviewers, to describe your plan and get answers to any questions that you have about the WFG development process before you start formulating a proposed change. The master WFG upstream source control system is a Subversion repository, not Git. If you insist on using Git then you can do so, but you'll ultimately end up exporting your changes as a diff patch instead of a Git pull request.
  18. And, here's a case where using community-mod did not solve this problem.
  19. Please post a replay of the rated match that KaoTeck quit, as explained in the first post here. This functions as proof of the described events. We don't ban people due to one rated match abuse. We hope to eventually adjust ratings after reviewing the replays of rated match reports, but that's not being done since user1 is on hiatus or retired, and we need more volunteers. But, reporting people is still useful because it informs others of problematic players to avoid in rated matches.
  20. There are likely useful log messages, though. Please upload the logs, at least from the host, but also from one client who is having trouble. And, describe steps to reproduce the symptoms. Also, I can try to connect and see the symptoms myself. When is the next time you'll be gathering as a group on Thursday or afterward? Include the time zone of any time that you state.
  21. @wowgetoffyourcellphone@implodedok I found discussion from other Invision Community forum system administrators about how they're fighting spam. I like the idea of enabling content moderation for the first 1 or first 3 posts for all new users. Some admins said that it stopped nearly all of the spam posts. Also, check out the paid cleartalk module. And, there are additional tips, even how to try to prevent spam in profiles. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/473832-spam/#comment-2941687 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/474133-spam-attack-suggestions-to-slow-them-down/#comment-2943826 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/474157-site-being-overun-by-spammers/#comment-2956370 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/471215-spam-prevention-question/?do=findComment&comment=2952673 Let's do more than what we have done so far, please. wowgetoffyourcellphone said in IRC today that we are getting 20 spam posts per day. He's getting frustrated and asking about changing our forum software. I said that changing the forum software would be a big task, and we should carry out the measures available to us with the existing Invision Community forum software and compatible modules.
  22. I don't think that community-mod completely fixes the problem. It does prevent the problem from happening again after it's fixed, but it doesn't correct a flawed matchsettings.mp.json file. Any person with the problem with infinite loop during map generation (caused by hero garrison plus regicide mode being enable), or maybe only the person who hosts, needs to follow the workaround steps in comment 3 of the bug report linked here in order to remove a flawed matchsettings.mp.json file. Also, don't assume that every problem when connecting is caused by the hero garrison+regicide bug. Please tell us more information about the symptoms, especially a screenshot of the hoster's screen or logs from the hoster. Does the problem happen regardless of who hosts? Without knowing more information about the symptoms, such as specific error messages, I can only guess what other causes of those symptoms would be. One idea is networking problems. If it is actually caused by networking problems then read the FAQ answer about the UDP port 20595 error.
  23. To order your units to attack units only, use the hotkey Ctrl+Q+RightMouseButton. This will order them to attack-ground and prioritize fighting units instead of structures. I think that what's realistic is allowing units to fire through firing ports in the walls. These are small gaps that allow firing out, but make it very difficult for opposing units at range to fire in. It can potentially be used by the enemy if the enemy is close enough (point blank) to the wall. I think that it should not depend on who "controls" the wall section, unless it's a sophisticated structure that has the ability to close a door on the firing port from inside the wall.
  24. You need to install the 0ad-data-common package. It provides the default hotkey configuration in /usr/share/games/0ad/config/default.cfg, as well as fonts and Atlas assets. In fact, when you install packages manually then you need to mimic the behavior of apt and install dependencies and run postinst scripts. To do this, download the .dsc files for 0ad and 0ad-data that are alongside the .deb files in the package mirror. Then open those .dsc files with a text editor and ensure that you have installed, or already satisfied, the dependencies lists on the Depends: lines of those files. This may involve recursively installing dependencies of dependencies. When apt installs packages, it also runs the .preinst scripts in /var/lib/dpkg/info/[packagename].preinst before extracting the files, then runs the .postinst scripts after finishing installation of the files. The whole process of installing packages manually seems absurd and error-prone to me. If Puppy Linux Fossa is based on Ubuntu, can't you add the PPA for the Ubuntu packages and then install the Ubuntu packages for 0ad, 0ad-data, and 0ad-data-common with apt commands?
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