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  1. in bannerlord low level javelin characters carry 5 spears and higher level can carry up to 10-20 (not sure actually, mb 10)
  2. this is kinda funny, slaves everywhere
  3. well it wouldnt make sense to suddenly stop basing future patches on history consdiering up until now it was all based on the past
  4. bold of you to assume that all 0ad players have interest in history
  5. make it possible for soldiers to marry women and make babies that later can level up and become heroes
  6. 1. Civ Differentiation Competetive players love learning civs and learning op stratagems. They dont want all civs to be the same. They want to be able to discover their own unique ways to play and obliterate the enemy as well as further train the civilization of their choice. 2. Rankeds I mean rankeds with more depth than currently. So: - match maker - something else than just a small number with ranking next to the name. Eg badges, bronze silver gold whatever. - and most importantly get rid of the issue that almost half of new players will decide to leave the ranked the moment theyre losing (or even plug off their internet cable Lmao) just to pretend that they have internet problems and not lose ranking points. It forces the other dude to either not care and stop playing rankeds, or to report to forum. Very terrible user experience. Disconnect should equal lose of poitns for the one who lost, and gain of points for the one who won. It may have some minuses but anything is better than asking the player to report the leaver on forum. LOL All games with repetetive matches be it rocket league, league of legends, and even AOE3 have very similar ranking systems and it helps them a lot. In fact, most players in these games stay only and only for rankeds, they dont care about the rest of the game after tens or hundreds of hours, just about getting high rank and thats understandable So these are my suggestions
  7. actuallt it makes sense for all ranger infantry to be slower than all(allmost, except very heavy infantry) melee infantry otherwise you could just attack enemies then run then attack them again. whether be it running away or chasing them you could do all of these. now that melee infantry is faster than ranged units, we will see more infantry in the game instead of just slinger spam its actually a very good fix and i hope indeed all ranged units are slower than most melee infantry except pikes. with this we will be able to strategically position our troops during battles and make well thought moves that depend on many unit types instead of just spamming slingers
  8. more triangles = more gpu usage = (can) result in less fps with many units you know, all multiplayer players play with maximum zoom anyway and we dont even see if the models are good or bad lel by the way, my low poly planets, in my indie game im coding, have only 3k triangles lel so thats less than your elephants but theyre so much bigger
  9. i suggest to make the civs different !!! BRING BACK THE FUN!!! but dont make celtics OP again... EAEAE... FUN.... Nice.. now all civs same = you took fun away poor players must wait for A25
  10. Age Of Empires 3 is ddosing 0 A.D. to stop its increase in popularity
  11. i didnt play in ages, how could i remember anything shorter than a minute feels unnatural though
  12. the corpse should kinda fade away not just dissapear like that within one frame completely aaand as someone said, corpse should dissapear like in video but after some time, like minute or so
  13. whats wrong with my comment? restricted balance forum makes sense anyway. and why do you blame me for it?? LOL
  14. theres little strategy but you can control your units during battle in Warband and Bannerlord
  15. while slaves are nice, simply replacing women with slaves would just require effort, maybe introduce bugs, and offer no benefit slaves as a replacement for women are nothing more than a reskin and a renaming, slaves should be something different and more specific than just women replacement
  16. (i like the new formations update but theres something i dont like about them as well) all you have to do now is to select all units and they will take formation and even put tanky units at the front automatically so a person who used to do this manually (eg used to put infantry to the front and skirmishers to the back), are now losing benefit of doing so manually, and theyre even losing time they spend on it, for no benefit. i no longer get positioning benefit from placing my units manually during battle (and before battle) . and positioning in battle is very important, maybe shouldnt be done 100% automatically now all that is done automatically and puts tanks at front. so not only the efficiency difference between mediium player and new player is decreased (where before the new player would get obliterated without placing his units in proper order and positions manually) but also it feels like important aspect was taken from 0AD. battle dps and result significantly depended on unit order. now all that is entrusted to automated mechanism, i no longer get satisfaction from doing it manually summary: - gap between medium and new player decreased a lot - you lose satifaction from placing your units manually - battle doesnt require positioning skills anymore, so your role as a strategist will be smaller
  17. while i agree that civs should be different from each other, making ptoles and especially celts op again is not the way to go these two civs were much stronger and more often picked than rest. it was not uncommon to play 4v4 game with only 4 civs, 2 of them being brits and gauls
  18. its impossible to tell who does this because at most you can get IP of hacked/used machine you would have to then investigate such machine personally to search for malicious software or get court warrant to make policeman do this. doubt you can do anything else with just IP of hacked machine
  19. i have same issue. same machine and internet can host game servers 24/7 (of not 0ad, other game) yet if im in 0ad lobby or 0ad game (mostly game, but lobby too it happened) my wifi will stop working for a while, after a while (after random,short time) could be ddos but its hard to believe someone does this stuff regularly to different 0ad players each day
  20. theres only very few players in lobby and they ar afk
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