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  1. I actually found documentation for it however i couldn't get it to work because it would flash into cinema mode when i played then it would go away and didn't work. Is there any tutorials about this. I was able to include a trigger script and use the code in the manual to try an launch the cinema but as I said, it had not worked. The documentation was [here](https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual_Cinematics_Tab)
  2. I have noticed the "Cinema Demo" Scenario map in 0ad which does a cool pan around the map. I tried to do this in the cinema tab in the scenario editor but it did not seem to work when I played it. Is there documentation or a guide to get this to work in the Scenario editor or is it not possible without modifying the XML map file. Or is it not implemented yet? Thank you.
  3. What if you only paid mercenaries when they were fighting and to make it more realistic, they could carry all the metal they are paid with them. When they are idle, they could go to a market and trade resources for the metal they have been given. This way you get the metal returned to you when they trade things with their metal like a realistic economy. This would make it less common for you to run out of metal but you would still loose some metal. When they cannot be paid, they will just go to the nearest market and trade their metal until they can be hired. Another idea I had was to instead of paying a set price for mercenaries, you set a price that you will pay each mercenary and how many you will hire. That way, you could raise or lower the prices so enemies would loose or not be able to hire any and the prices that mercs will accept would change based on demand for them and all the options they have to each player.
  4. That's a great idea. What if they cost differently like trading in the market. Like bartering for resources, they start low then they get more expensive the more players buy them. That would be realistic. Or the cost could be relative to the metal cost in the market.
  5. I know that the feature freeze is gonna to be soon however there are some changes I think would be important on the new version. In the Alpha version Mercenaries are way to expensive and cost almost as much as champions. I tested it out in scenario editor and found champ cavalry are around 3.5 times greater than merc cavalry both spear man when they cost almost the same amount of metal. Mercenaries should be at most 25 to 50 metal to make them any use. Also because they cannot collect resources they become a drag on economy. In the Military Colony, there is no trainable units besides woman that can collect resources which make the colony not help the economy. I don't like this because I don't think people will be using mercenaries if this is on the final release. I like the change to the lighthouse being that it is just a radius of viability however I think it has a very low viability for it to be useful. I have an idea for improving path finding. I don't know much about path finding besides some algorithms like A* which I think 0ad uses. If you could make it so that when you move multiple units, the path finding would first try to find a path where the unit bounding box is larger. This would make many units not try to go through other units but go around I think and then they could try a narrower path if the wide path is too far. I like the speed improvement to spear cavalry so they can chase down ranged cavalry however this should be tweaked down a little because guerrilla tactics would be almost impossible with ranged cavalry if the enemy has spear cavalry. What would be really cool is if elephants could run down infantry and deal splash damage. This would be more realistic because they would be fit for battles and not just siege. I saw they have "trunk damage" now but don't know what this does. They seem much better in the new update so this may be a little op. Also there should be some sort of trainable thing in the fortress. Maybe unique champion to fortress or a siege.
  6. I recently updated the Alpha 24 pre release version where I found lots of cool changes last time I updated it. However, I found that the infantry mercenaries now cost 60 metel, cavalry merc cost 80 metal. They used to be 25 metal so this is very different because there is almost no point to having mercs if you could just get champion guards for almost the same. Champion guards are only 20 more metal than the mercenaries which make mercs have very little worth. Additionally they cannot collect resources anymore? Are these changes going to effect in the final Alpha 24? I really appreciate all the contributions to the game and the rapid development (:
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