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  1. you are a great artist of Hellenistic culture, with a knowledge that goes beyond the limits. and as I read in your cover letter you come from a prestigious art university. I conclude by speculating that you were taught the basics. take a pencil and paper and at least doodle.
  2. @Sundiata I'm sure you can. if you have some little time. please.
  3. so you can't ? you can use a simple tool right? is basic to use. are an artist and great Hellenistic . @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates
  4. it would be need more relevant, (may be shield) props, actually it look like generic to me.
  5. question Saba was in Africa or was in south Arabian peninsula?
  6. you don't destroy the fun if both things can coexist like Rise and Fall. from creators of Empire Earth and Empires Dawn of modern age
  7. that happening because UWP. then bad release date, so then they try to done with several glitches. then try to fix but was worse.
  8. eh.... nope, total war isn't base building game. Try Ancerstor Legacy, Praetorians, Battle for the Middle Earth and Rise and Fall : Civilizations at war.
  9. A beast originated by forbidden passions and lust. we can add to him clothes, but armor...
  10. I like analogies and metaphor, i can be most divided. but they survived.
  11. is fine for now, they have their own vision.
  12. isn't 100% Roman, is Levantine traditional style with many other addons.
  13. open a new topic dude. and explain more what you want.
  14. You mean replaced temples for local or Indo-europeans deities. These mechanics are very interesting in the total war 2 rome. I guess also make syncretism between pagan gods.
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