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  1. I was just wondering of any WFG members belong to MySpace. So do you?
  2. Welcome Elanor. You should go and check out the TLA forums!
  3. Mine is pretty bad, I would say is it worse that than 20/50.
  4. Seeing how the Universe is infinitly big and how there are an infinite number of planets, one of those planets would have to sustain life.
  5. Ok then. I didn't see that he posted in this thread so I didn't know if he noticed the problem at all.
  6. Does Tim know about this little problem yet? I'll PM about it now.
  7. I wouldn't be able to live without my comp!! *hugs comp*
  8. America or Russia would have to have the most beautiful girls.
  9. Welcome to the forums!!!! Hope you enjoy it here!
  10. If it is showing possession like in it would have to be it's (I think). But if it is plural that it would be changed to its.
  11. True love is when you can't live without that person and you're willing to take a bullet for them.
  12. I would become rich and powerful. That's what happens when you run something.
  13. Wow, I'm not if I supposed to laugh or feel sad for you. Why don't try the local Starbucks, they're always hiring and I don't think you need any experience.
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