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  1. I guess it would be when I first joined WFG back in November or 2003.
  2. Well, there's the baseball and the basketball I play at least 3 times a week. Then I punch my ounching bag and lift weights when I feel like it (usually 3 times a week). Then there's the everyfay activities like walking around and jumping on the trampoline and riding bikes.
  3. Someone send over a digital camera so I can take a picture of myself!! I found one: http://www.geocities.com/dodgerfan279/sscn0169-2.jpg This is me at Christmas Dinner 2003. [EDIT]I fixed it so it is a link, it seems image hotlinking dosen't work.
  4. GC, it's where I get a lot of my posts and it's got all the fun games.
  5. Last night I ate at my Table, eating some good tacos.
  6. I don't rea;;y have any homework (I do it all in class), and when I do it's usually a report or project.
  7. I know, that's the problem with the Lakers they think they're too good so they don't try.
  8. In order to relax I punch my punching bag for about 10 minutes and pretend it's my brother and I feel much better afterwards.
  9. What are you talking about, we also eat cheeseburgers!!! J/K. I think that a lot of Americans it too many cheeseburgers, but we also eat other things.
  10. I found this funny. Is it just my sick and twisted humor or is it funny?
  11. I would play baseball. You make the most money playing baseball (at least here in America) and I really enjoy playing the sport.
  12. Last night I ate in the car after driving for 4 hours and still had another 3 hours left until i reached home. BTW it was a Wendy's double cheeseburger.
  13. I returned from my vacation late lst night, so I couldn't gert on, but I have returned!!
  14. Desmond it's ranked #7 in the country!!!! nd #3 in California. (These are with cities with a population of 100,000 or more)
  15. It's about a seven hour drive and yes we are driving!!!!! Luckily we have a TV with DVD player in the car so I'll be watching RotK on the drive up there.
  16. Desmond, I'll see you at school today, but I'm leaving after 4th period.
  17. Dennis Leary is hilarious!! Ehat's wrong with you, Bobby!????! If I had to pick a jerk it would be Bill Walton. He was a great basketball player, but he can't announce a game. He always finds something that went wrong and just keeps on talking about that. There could be a bunch of 6 yeat old kids on the court and he would do would criticize them. I just think if he focused on the good sides of things he would be a better person.
  18. I'll try not to. I might get in trouble with my parents, though 9they always find a way to punish me).
  19. I'm going on a vacation this weekend. I will be leaving tomorrow (June 4) and be returnin on Sunday (June 6). I will be going to San Francisco to visit some family and play in a baseball tournament. So, I might not be able to visit !!!
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