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  1. Come to think of my town has absolutely nothing!! We have a movie theatre and a mall and that's about it!!!!
  2. How have you not heard of the Lakers!!!!! More Playoff news: The Pistons defeated the Pacers and now it's going to be the Lakers and the Pistons in the NBA Finals.
  3. There is really nothing special about the city I live in. It was one of the safest cities of America (if that counts for anything). But nothing really special ever happens here and there's nothing very unigue to do.
  4. Graduate Highschool Go to a good college Graduate college Get a good job Get a good wife Have a nice family Die
  5. The Lakers beat the T-Wolves and advance on to the NBA Finals!!
  6. Hmm... It would be cool to be a professional athlete (Work have the year and still get paod millions) or possibly Law Enforcment.
  7. IT does stand for As Soon As Possible. I've always said it asap and not A.S.A.P.
  8. I( would go with most ans say pride, that and they think they didnt do anything wrong.
  9. What do you name a dog with no hind legs and metal testicles? Sparky
  10. Ok, so they are celebrating D-Day on Memorial Day?
  11. God question. I did some research and here's a quote I found:
  12. I think that people don't post because they have nothing to say or they are not at the computer.
  13. I think that's enough of the Pirate jokes.
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