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  1. thats my friends band. if u live in T.O. u might want to check them out and insignia
  2. $$Encryption$$ SEND THIS TO 10 PPL ON THE DOUBLE!!
  3. my dream car is a jaguar xk but its a one of kind racing edition called the Rocketsports XK8 its the only way to go with a car, one of kind and a racing edition
  4. shooters are by far the funnest games to play I mean anything that has to do with shooting people is most likely goin to be fun
  5. :thumbdown: To KIll A Mockingbird is most definately the worst book ever wriiten :thumbdown: I have to read it in English and i feal like shoving a fork in my eye cause if i'm gonna be in that pain im goin to do it to myself
  6. just put 24 cause thats the only show i watch on the list
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