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  1. Please tell us about yourself. Welcome to the forums!!!
  2. Welcome to the forums, Zeus!!! Enjoy!
  3. Welcome to these here forums!!!! Enjoy...
  4. I think we did. My favorite of all-time would be my old one with stick figure attacking the door. But right now it would probably be Sam's avatar.
  5. Well... welcome to forums!!!! Nice to see that you decided to introduce yourself.
  6. It all depends on what I'm doing. Since it's summer I would say that I probably watch around 4 hours, but when school is in I would say around 2 hours. And do video games count as TV?
  7. Happy birthday Nate!!! Time to start driving the streets of Texas.
  8. The Lakers just played horrible basketball during the finals. If Malone, Payton, and George stepped up and scored some pointes the Lakers wouild have won, but of course the Lakers had to lose.
  9. Tim Duncan plays for the Spurs. Well, game 5 is tonight and it is a must win for the Lakers.
  10. I have an air-soft gun, but it's not worth owning. It was only $25 so I don't really care. It's a PT 99.
  11. Have some fun, Desmond. Too bad it's not winter, I heard it's really fun in winter.
  12. I would hope that there is some milk, sodas, meet, and cheese. Along with those there is probably some snacks and other stuff.
  13. Welcome to the Forums!!!! Hope to see you around.
  14. I want one!!!! It would be funny to scare people by having them hear President Clinton's voice at 3am in the morning outside their window.
  15. Here are some pictures of my baseball team: Baseball Photos And here are some pictures of me playing baseball: Baseball Pic I Baseball Pic II Baseball Pic III Baseball Pic IV Baseball Pic V (Me hitting a homerun) Baseball Pic VI
  16. I ate Carl's Junior sitting in front of the TV watching the Angels game.
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