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  1. He's already won 4 gold medals. Who cares if he doesn't win 7, 4 is still very, very good.
  2. I think that's enough of lame pirate jokes.
  3. A priest, a pedifile, and a rapist walk into a bar. And that was just the first guy.
  4. It looks good, but it looks kind of plain. Other than that, outstanding work.
  5. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.
  6. Save up for acting. You probably have a better chance with that one.
  7. I would say on a Saturday, because of school and work. I don't know about the time.
  8. The currency is just points that you get for posting. You can donate the currency also. Eventually we hope to create a WFG Store where you can buy things with your currency. Welcome to the forums Shan!!! Currency
  9. Juat reminding everybody that the Olympic Opening Ceromonies are on tonight.
  10. I live in California. King Tut, Brian, Cheezy, and me all go to the same school.
  11. Around what time will the activity be taking place? Since your going to be on a river, you could go fishing, or you could just do something with a campfire.
  12. @Randy: We have had a thread like this before, but might as well see other people who didn't post their pictures. Here's my pic at Christmas last year.
  13. That's got to suck if you have an iPoc. I thought they ran off of a normal bettery. It's just a scam to make more money.
  14. Welcome the forums Dr. Who. Glad you liked the work on the games.
  15. I either listen to music, watch TV, go on the computer, or do all 3.
  16. Who is this Tim guy anyway? LOL. Glad you decided to inroduce yourself Timbo.
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