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  1. According to Trey Parker and Matt Stone it's impossible (if you watch Southpark).
  2. Hey there and welcome to the forums!!!
  3. That is hilarious. It's got to be one of the funniest things ever!!!!
  4. I gave them what they diserved. LOL. I wouldn't consider myself disrespectful, although they might say otherwise.
  5. Sorry, but I have to say this "Finally a new Member!!!" Anyway, welcome to the forums Timothy.
  6. I went to Lopez Lake, it's up in San Luis Obispo. It was fun trip, but I only got to go wakeboarding once and there was tons of bugs.
  7. Looks pretty good. I haven't seen any on the street yet.
  8. Someone deleted the other thread. Here are the other pics: Me, Hunt, and Chris. The Crew Here's a pic from the trip took back in August that resulted in me getting a new car.
  9. Nice pic Bobby. I posted some more in another thread. @evilhurdle: When you have a face like mine you just have to show everyone. LOL.
  10. I would hope for $800 that you guys have the skills to win. Good luck!!!
  11. It was quite hilarious, except for the fact that they wouldn't let people get lunch while the alarms were going off, so I was stuck without a lunch today!!! But I wonder who did it?
  12. www.wildfiregames.com sports.yahoo.com mlb.com myspace.com
  13. Some of you kids have it easy. I have school from 7:00 am-4:00 pm.
  14. I know there's a topic somewhere in the forums about a WFG store, but I can't seem to find it. If someone could find a link it would be great.
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