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  1. @Desmond and Bobby:It's got to suck for the H2O Polo teams. They have to practice at Westlake.
  2. Yes, school has finally arrived here in Thousand Oaks. So now I can't spend all day on WFG . How"s everybody elses school treating them?
  3. It was a warm summer day. I day, like today. It was after lunch and I went for a little dip in my grandma's pool. Actually my mom helped me learn to swim and was about 5 years young.
  4. I'm just going to play non-competitive fall sports, like off-season baseball or basketball.
  5. Yes it is. Brian, you should get the lizard checked out. Make sure everything's alright with it.
  6. Just thought of this little poll of mine.
  7. I don't think this "fad" has hit us in T.O. yet. I'll be sure to see if people are wearing them, though.
  8. Name it Puff, after the Magic Dragon, since it's a Bearded Dragon.
  9. Welcome, Josh. Hope you enjoy the forums!!
  10. 1-English 10 2-P.E. 3-Spanish 2 4-World History 5-Algebra 2 6-Chemistry 7-Basketball
  11. Congrats Brian. I thought you were going to name it after me? LOL.
  12. Closing Topic, due to the fact that we passed 100,000 posts and inactivity
  13. Heya, Sam!! Welcome to these here forums!
  14. Looks like you guys had an awesome time. I never heard about the refinery blowing up.
  15. True, but in good spirits, let's continue on with the jokes.
  16. True to that. But they do get annoying after you here 50 of them.
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