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  1. I voted seasons. Dont really have a reason behind it except that I like it.
  2. Yeah, I as well said eye candy but I wanted to say triggers, becasue face it, a map can look good but without the right triggers it would be boring. But a ugly map can still be cool with good triggers
  3. Welcome George. I hope you enjoy yourself, but with a community like this how couldnt you?
  4. Hey Kick glad to see ya here. And it happened for me before and i got confused
  5. -Moccasins to wear around the house -some shirts -Maps of Middle-Earth, Beleriand, Numenor, and Wilderland/Thrors map (they are awesome and huge) -Robert fosters complete guide to Middle earth -Another copy of the Peoples of middle earth -The 50th anniversery of LOTR Illustrted by Alan Lee -A book about creating maps in Middle Earth( How tolkien made them that is) -Hardcover version of the Hobbit -socks and undies -Barnes and Noble gift Certificate -Denial Hoodie -Mook Frames -Cash -Insiders Skate Video which doesnt work on my computer or dvd player -Chipotle Bucks...mmmm I can taste the goodness now MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY
  6. Haha yeah that one is great.
  7. I do a and b although im only 16 . But like tim i only do it at parties
  8. Happy Birthday Klaas. May your years be plentiful
  9. I would say that my dad would do it but he is a carpenter and unless there is a lot of people that live here it would do no goo. Sorry
  10. Game: Conqueers Movie: Fellowship of the Ring TV Show: The Chapelle Show Food:CHIPOTLE Dessert:See above Sport:Does lounging count? Website:WFG Day:Tuesday Holiday:Halloween School Subject:English Book:Fellowship of the Ring Music:Atmosphere
  11. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.
  12. I hope you enjoy ypurself Brian. And I actually DESPISE vacation.
  13. Hey Nick and welcome to the Wildfiregames community I think I speak for just about everybody when i say that this is the best smiley ever.
  14. I dont really know which one this would go in but, Im not so much afraid of any of those as I am of leaving my family and how they would handle my death. I guess it could go under death so that is what i voted.
  15. 1. Fellowship of the Ring 2. The Two Towers 3. The Return of the King 4. Patriot 5. Gladiator 6. Underestimated (Skating Video) 7. Strait Jackit (Skating Video) 8. Nightmare Before Christmas 9. Muppets Christam Carol 10. Noir (Skating Video)
  16. Hey Mark. Glad to see you here. But please dont swear. And good luck with the game developing.
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